Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Case Break part 1

I was a part of a 2011 Topps Heritage case break in my Team collectors group. Of course, I got the Yankees. It was a pretty fun break. I am going to show off the cards I got, but break it into 2 parts. Today, I'll show off the base and SP's and tomorrow, inserts and any hits I got. Heritage is now my favorite product to bust. I love the throwback designs Topps uses each year and always look forward to seeing new pics of it before its release.

Here are the base and SP's

Mark Teixeira baseMark Teixeira SP. Good thing I got doubles for the Teixeira PC, which I'll show with other new adds later this week.Alex RodriguezNick SwisherRafael Soriano who, aside from one game, has looked great in that 8th inning role

Our DH, Jorge PosadaThe recently retired Andy PettitteEdwin Nunez rookie card. I still, for the life of me, cannot understand why Cashman refused to include this kid in the Cliff Lee deal, which ultimately broke off talks. For Lee, I would have given up Nunez and his brothers if he has any.New catcher, Russell Martin in his photoshopped best.The Sandman, Mariano RiveraJoba Chamberlin baseJoba Chamberlin SPThe Captain, Derek Jeter, who is 67 shy of 3,000 hitsPhil "what happened to my velocity" Hughes. I'm not worried about him. He will get back to where he was last season.Curtis GrandersonManager, Joe Girardi, sans braces.Brett Gardner. I still think he will be Crawford lite.CC Sabathia. Didn't have it against the Sox on Sunday night, but still kept the Yankees in the game. A Warrior.It's Cano, dontcha know?A.J Burnett. Hopefully, he will keep pitching well. Not just in April and May either

Tomorrow, I will show off the inserts and any hits I got. I need more binders and 9 pocket pages. I think it's time to think about buying those in bulk, lol.

Tonight, The Yankees start a 3 game set against the Orioles. AJ Burnett (2-0 4.09 ERA) goes up against Chris Tillman (0-0 3.38 ERA) Game starts at 7pm. Lets Go Yankees!

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