Friday, March 9, 2012

Haulin From This Past Weekend

Haven't been able to post up a blog this week as work has been hetic lately. My company is a black hole and likes to suck up smaller companies so when it consumes a company, that's more work for us little people. My main function is to process expense reports and cut the checks for the employee. We now have 5 companies, so that's 5 diffrent sets of checks I have to cut. Takes a lot of time going through the reports and going after the employees that are missing reciepts and whatnot. But, I am happy to say I am finally all caught up with the checks.

This past Saturday, My buddy and I went up to Poughkepsie, NY just to get out of the NYC area. Poughkepsie has some nice stores I don't have near me like a Dragon's Den comic shop and a Big Lots as well as the usual Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart stores. Nothing really intrested me and the stuff that did was too pricey for my liking. I wasn't willing to pay 15.99 for a Marvel Legends Iron Man figure, although I probably will sooner than later cause I do want it, as well as the new 8 inch Avengers figures. I had Iron Man, Captain America and Thor in my grubby mitts, but at 12.99 per, I put those back as well.

We went into a Salvation Army before lunch. There was the usual video tapes and crappy toys and books I could find around my area. I normally skip by the glasses and dishes, but for some reason decided to take a peek. To my shock, I found 2 glasses I was keeping an eye on ebay right on the shelves in great condidtion. Naturally, I scooped them up.

I've been picking up a couple of vintage New York Jets items as of late and was eyeballing this glass on ebay. I love coke glasses, so I really wanted this one featuring the old green helmet. I've been seening them on ebay for anywhere from 7.00 to 20.00 with about 5.99 shipping. I paid 2 bucks at the thrift store.

This one was a complete shock to find. It was hidden in the middle of a bunch of glasses, but I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. I remember these Burger King glasses from when I was a kid and never owned one. Burger King released glasses from all 3 movies. I have been wanting a few since I decided to start a Star Wars collection of just New Hope, Empire and Return. I was looking at a few of these not too long ago on ebay and the prices were similar to the prices I saw for the Jets; anywhere from 7.00 to 20.00 with 5.99 shipping. And like the Jets glass, I paid 2 bucks for it. Plus it's of my favorite Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker.

I picked up this Jets puzzle for a buck at the Dollar Tree that was right next door to the thrift shop.

There isn't a Hobby Lobby in the NYC area. We only have Michaels. There maybe an AC Moore somewhere around in Jersey or Long Island, but I never been in a Hobby Lobby before. Not much diffrent from Michaels. The only aisle we were concerned with was the model kit aisle. Not that I can put together a model, cause I can't. And painting might as well be rocket science to me. If I buy a model kit, I usually keep it in the box and on the shelf, like I have with the Aurora Spider-Man reissue kit or my Monkees Mobile. This model is one I will put together

I have been looking for this snap kit of the 1966 Batmobile for sometime. As you might have gathered from my previous post, I'm a huge fan of the 1966 Batmobile and try to grab as much merchandise of it as I can. I just started grabbing stuff recently. I'll post a blog dedicated to my 1966 Batmobiles at some point.

Here it is with a Deluxe Batmobile model kit I bought last year and haven't put it together as of yet. I really need to either hire someone to put it together or attempt it myself. I have some of the Johnny Lighting Batmobile model kits that came out awhile back that I'd love to have put together at some point cause they all would look great on a shelf.

I really lucked out. I never really find anything good when I hit a thrift store and I never thought I'd finally find the Batmobile model kit either. It's nice that I could pick up some vintage/throwback goodies for my collections.


  1. I love the Star Wars glass. I had some back in the day.

  2. I couldn't believe I found it at a thrift store. Goes to show what you can find if you look hard enough.