Monday, July 30, 2012

Today's TTM Sucesses

One thing I promised myself was I would be on top of showing off the autograph successes, posting them here as soon as I got them. So, being the good sexy geek, I have 2 successes to show today.

Tim Allen signed 1/2 photos. I sent this as well as a Toy Story 2 movie poster with Buzz Lightyear and he only signed the pic of himself with the Buzz Lightyear toy. This is the one I have seen returned signed, so I wasn't surprised to see this one signed. I might wait a bit and resend just the movie poster and see if it's returned signed.

Got another Artist Card back today. This one is from Herb Trimpe, best known for his work on The Incredible Hulk, The Defenders and was also the first artist to draw The Wolverine. He also worked on Captain America, Iron Man, G.I. Joe and Godzilla. This return took just under a week and I can't be more thrilled with it. I hope more of these come in this week.

I will be sending more Artist Cards out this week. I want to start a new project with these cards. I'm currently looking for some kind of list were I can see every artist who has drawn Spider-Man and Batman and send out, requesting their take on the characters. Been looking on Google, but so far, nothing. If anyone knows where I can find such a list, I'd appreciate the help.

See you on the flip side!