Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 YouTube Channels Everyone Should Be Watching

OK, this might be considered a "lazy" blog post, but it's one that I have wanted to post for a while. See, like many of you, I am a YouTube junkie. I watch videos posted by comic book companies, sports card fanatics, Techie Geeks, autograph hounds, wrestling companies, old T.V. shows, Old T.V. commercials and from fellow toy geeks. Like most of you, I have my favorites that I try to watch on a daily basis or as they upload.

Now, just because the title says that you should be watching these videos, doesn't mean you will agree. I understand that everyone has a reason why he or she would watch a video or follow a particular channel. I just think that if your like me, you will enjoy these channels and subscribe to se new video content as they are uploaded.

So, without further ado, here are 5 YouTube channels you should take a peek at.


For my money, Stewart has one of the best and most well organized Superman collections on YouTube. His well articulated reviews  only showcase his love for his collection of the Man Of Steel and even though I don't collect Superman, I enjoy each video he uploads and I have not missed a review since I discovered his channel. If you have not visited his channel, I urge you to check out his video of his entire Superman collection. The video is over an hour long, but I daresay it's an hour that is well spent as he shows off each piece in his Superman collection. If I can have a Batman or Spider-Man collection half as cool as Stew's Superman collection, I would be a happy man.
Visit here:

2-Lamarr Wilson

When I first discovered Lamarr, I was trying to decide on a new cell phone. I ran across Lamarr's channel when I ran a search looking for reviews of the Galaxy Note 2, which I eventually wound up buying. Lamarr's review of the phone helped me decided on picking it up, but the real reason I followed his channel is the guy is hysterical. At the time I followed him, he was doing only Tech reviews, but now is uploading videos where he shares his thoughts on anything from laptops to video games to why cable sucks. I feel it's one of the more entertaining YouTube channels you will find.

Visit here:


Shartimus is one of those toy reviewers that I enjoy because not only does he review cool toys, but he makes his review videos fun to watch buy adding humor to his in depth reviews. Shartimus collects Transformers, Marvel Legends and has uploaded reviews of NECA, Hot Toys, Star Wars, Batman, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers figures. The guy knows his stuff and I try to watch each review before I decide on buying a figure.

Visit here:


This guy is a man after my own heart. This is someone who add to his collection the way I do. By scouring eBay, Target, Ross and Thrift Stores for deals. mycollection7000 is a collector from Hawaii and his collection has a little bit of everything in it from GI Joe to Michael Jordan to Hot Wheels to Rap CD's. His videos are haul videos as opposed to review videos, which is fine by me. I enjoy watching videos of what someone else is buying.

Visit here:

5-Nerd Nook

If you are into Kenner's Super Powers, than this is the channel for you. This channel has just about every figure and prototype from that line and plenty more. There has been vintage He-Man, Star Wars and other vintage figure reviews as well as some Loot Crate unboxings, Lego figures and some DC Kotobukiya New 52 statue reviews. This channel just passed 300 subscribers and I can see it getting close to a thousand sooner than later.

Visit Here:

Now, I'm sure you guys have your favorites that you like to watch and if you want to show them some love or if you have a channel you'd like me to check out, post a link bellow and I will be more than happy to watch a video or two, maybe more.

I really enjoy watching YouTube. Some of the YouTube'rs have some really creative, informative and fun to watch videos. It doesn't matter if you're into toys, movies, video games, makeup, cars, autographs or even model building there is something for everyone to watch. So get on your computer, log on and melt your mind watching opinions, reviews and how to videos.