Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The countdown begins...

The 2003 eTopps card shown above represents my 191st card in the Mark Teixeira collection. The countdown toward 200 has begun. Unfortunately, the picture above doesn't show how georgous this card really is. Unless you own an e-Topps, you won't be able to see how cool this card actually is. I believe Teixeira has 2 other e-Topps cards and you can bet I will be snatching them up as soon as possible. There is an Angels card in particular that looks pretty awesome. I like the e-Topps cards and want to start a Yankees collection of them. I believe I have only one other in my Yankees collection and I'm almost certain it's a Jeff Weaver. I'll have to look tonight for it.

And while we're at it, how 'bout some love for Javy Vazquez? It looks like he's getting out of the early season funk that had the makings of him being ridden out of NY. He's at 4-5 with a 6.06 ERA. May not look like much, but consider he started the year at 1-3 with an ERA hovering around 9.00. His last 5 starts he's 3-2 with an ERA of 2.77 and striking out 23 in 26 innings. Yeah, I know baseball is a long season and this could only be a temporary thing with Vazquez, but if he can pitch well out of the number 4 spot, then I'd stack the Yankees rotation against anyone in baseball. The card shown above is a 2004 Sweet Spot Signature from My Yankee autograph collection. Got if off the bay for under 5 bucks. Love them cheap adds.