Thursday, July 15, 2010

Update On The Bobblehead Collection

I was looking over my growing collection this morning before heading out to work when I realized I hadn't posted my more recent adds to the collection. I still have three others to snap pics of and post here as well as three, possibly four on their way.

I really like this Joe Torre bobble. It's cartoony, yet it looks a lot like him. It's an Alexander Global bobble in the classic pose. It's a retail bobble that I was able to pic up off ebay for next to nothing.

This is the Jason Giambi All Star bobble from 2003 when the all star game was held in Chicago. It's made by Forever and it has him in the batting practice jersey. what I really like about this one is it has the chicago skyline behind him on the base. This was one was ridiculosly cheap and I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. I have seen the Alphonso Soriano bobble, so I need to grab that one as well. I'm wondering if Jeter, Rivera or any other Yankees were made in this set.

Sticking with Giambi, this one is a mini bobble from Post Cereal. It was found in specially marked boxes along with other players. It was from 2002, as you can see from the beard he's sporting. If you know the Yankees, you know any chin hair is a no no, so I'm guessing this was made before he played a game with the Yankees.

Here's another bobble I got off the bay for a great price. This one is of Jorge Posada and was a SGA back in 2001. Made by Alexander Global, it has him in the classic pose wearing his cathing gear. The likeness is ok, but the sure got the ears right. I really wish the Yankees would go back to giving away bobbles. I see other teams give away some very nice ones and I, for one, am very jealous.

One of the few baseball bobbles I own that is not a Yankee. This is a 2005 Atlanta Braves SGA bobble of Mark Teixeira. As you know, I collect Tex and when I saw this bobble, I knew I had to have it for the player collection. The giveaway was sponsered by Coke and has him in the Braves red alternate jersey. For now, he's crowded on the Yankees shelf, but when I get some room, I'll seperate him from there.

Last, but not least, is a bobble of the QB that almost took the Jets to the Super Bowl back in '98. Vinny Testeverde. This is one of my favorite bobbles as it has him in the classic pose while he has a football in one arm and his Jets helmet in the other. It was given away back in 2002 when you signed up for the Jets credit card. I really love the Alexander Global classic pose bobbles and wish there was more made today.