Monday, January 3, 2011

2009 Leaf Certified Ronnie Lott Game Used Jersey Card

Although I really don't mention them too much, I am a huge NY Jets fan. Have been since 1980. Anyone who follows the Jets knows that just making the postseason is usually cause for celebration in it's self. Sure, it's not like we haven't been to the playoffs before, but it usually ends in defeat for us. Sometimes in stunning fashion. From AJ Deuhe intercepting Richard Todd in the 1982 AFC Championship Game, dubbed the Mud Bowl to Mark Gastineau's late hit on Bernie Kosar in the 1986 AFC Divisional game to the more recent flops, like letting John Elway back in the game in the 1998 AFC Championship Game to Doug Brien missing field goals against Pittsburgh to last years AFC Championship game and Peyton Manning waking up in the second half. I guess I shouldn't complain. Lots of teams haven't sniffed the playoffs in a while. I guess it's the way the Jets lose is what's haunting. Just when you believe they can pull it out, the bottom drops. Let's hope this season is different. It's a toughie right out the shoot when they travel to Indianapolis and face Peyton Manning and the Colts on Saturday night for the 8pm game.
In celebration of the Jets making the post season, I've decided to show off my favorite Jets memorabilia this whole week. Today, we start off a game used jersey card of Ronnie Lott from 2009 Leaf Certified. Some may say it's a patch card, but I don't think it is. The part of the jersey they use is of the sleeve of the jersey, so you have the white paint in the card. It's a beautiful 2 color card with the white and green. Just pops out at you when you look at it. I'm very pleased to own it.
Even though Lott was toward the end of his career when he played his 2 seasons with the Jets from 1993-1994, he still had something left in the engine. There was a couple of times I remembered seeing a flash of green and the QB on the ground with Lott on top. It's too bad he played on two mediocre teams finishing 8-8 and 6-10 his two years there. By that point the 10 time Pro Bowler was just a complementary piece to the Jets defense. I'm just glad I got to see him play in NY on a regular basis for 2 seasons. Now, if I can just find a decent priced auto of him in a Jets uni, that would be awesome.
Lets Go Jets!
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