Friday, January 14, 2011

Yanks Reel In Soriano

Yanks finally pull the trigger on a deal which brings former Rays closer, Rafael Soriano, to the Bronx on a 3 year, 35 million dollar contract. He will have an average salary of $11.67 million per year and he can opt out of the contract after each of the first 2 years of the deal.
The plan is for Soriano to be the primary set up guy and then take over for Mariano Rivera once his current contract expires. Rivera just re-upped with the Yankees for 2 more years this past off season. This signing for the Yankees seems to be a good one as he can become the closer in 2 years, if he decides to stay in New York.
I personally think it's a good move for the Yankees. Soriano went 3-2 last season with a 1.73 ERA with an AL leading 45 saves. He also had 57 strikeouts in 62 1/3 innings and posted a WHIP of .802. With Rivera, Soriano, Joba Chamberlin, David Robertson and Boone Logan, the Yankees could potientally have one of the best pens in baseball. It reminds me of the 1996 Yankees, with Rivera, Jeff Nelson, Graham Lloyd, David Weathers and John Wettland, if the Yankees had the lead after 6, the game was over. I think that is the plan Yankees GM Brian Cashman is looking for. To recreate "The Formula, as Former Yankees manager Joe Torre called it then.
Right now, all signs are pointing toward Andy Pettitte retiring which would leave the Yankees with a thin starting rotation. If the Yankees can have a pen that they can give a lead to after 6 innings, that would help the alot. There doesn't seem to be anything intresting, starting wise, that would help fill the void Pettitte would leave behind, even if the Yankees pick up Justin Duchscherer, which is the rumored next pick up for the Yankees. A strong pen can keep a lead for the Yankees or hold team down for the Yankees to try and come from behind to win a game.
The next couple of months will be very intresting....