Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Trenton Thunder Bobbleheads Promotions

The Trenton Thunder has released their promotions schedule for 2011 and, yes Virginia, there are bobbleheads being given away:

Fri April 29th-Robinson Cano

Fri May 13th-Phil Hughes

Fri July 15th-Andy Pettitte Home uni

Fri July 29th-Andy Pettitte Road uni

Fri Aug 19th-Derek Jeter Thunder Home uni

Fri Aug 26th-TBA

I can only assume that the Cano and Hughes will be in Thunder uni's as well. I only have one Trenton Thunder bobble and it's a Hideki Matusi in a Yankees Cap and Thunder uni

I have never been to a Thunder game and have wanted to go to one. Trenton is about an hour and a half away from me by NJ Transit. I probably would have to take off work the days I do want to go. I'm sure the crowds are crazy for the bobbles and will be packed early.

As a season ticket holder with the Staten Island Yankees, I had wondered why they don't have give a ways like this. The Brooklyn Cyclones have tons of give a ways and sell out every game, promotion or not. I spoke with the head of Marketing for the SI Yanks and was told that they did want to give away a bobble head to the season ticket holders, but would have had to raise the prices of the plan in order to do so. That idea was vetoed by the ticket holders. What's baffling to me is, as a ticket holder, I was never asked. Now to keep costs, they eliminated the second gift they give out and kept the cap, which I never wear anyway because it's cheaply made.

I'm thinking I may be at some Thunder games this season. I love watching the young kids play anyways and the bobble heads are a plus. I'll be looking at the Robinson Cano give a way as my first potential game.

I'll post pics of the bobbles as they become available