Friday, February 18, 2011

Al Toon TTM

I finally have an Al Toon auto in my Jets collection. And it only took me about 2 years to get it back.
I sent Mr.Toon a Upper Deck Legends football card and a custom generic Jets card for him to sign and promptly forgot all about it, so when I recieved them back, I was surprised. Still doesn't beat my all time record of 4 years to get Ben Oglive back.
Could be worse. Could have been like what Ben Sheets did when he took 2 years to return my card, unsigned.
Al Toon played for the Jets from 1985 to 1992. He was drafted by New York in the first round, 10th overall, of the 1985 NFL Draft out of Wisconsin. He was a 3 time Pro Bowl and 3 time All Pro player who caught for 6,605 yards and scored 31 touchdowns in his NFL career. Unfortunately, he had to retire at the age of 29 years old due to suffering at least 9 concussions. He suffred from Post concussion syndrome after his NFL career was done, but recovered enough where he was able to participate in a triathlon in 2004. I understand he serves on the Board of Directors for the Packers these days.
Another Jet is crossed off the list. I am hoping I can cross another off within a few days.