Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another new addition

Well, It's been a while since I've been able to add 2 boobleheads to the collection in a weeks time, but thats what I was able to do this past week. First the Derek Jeter Bobble arrived, then I got this gem in the mail.This is a Woody booblehead doll, customized to him wearing Yankee colors. Anyone who collects bobbles knows that Disney released Woody and Buzz Lightyear bobbleheads wearing the colors of various baseball teams. Off the top of my head, I know that the San Fransisco Giants and the Chicago White Sox had Toy Story Bobbleheads released. I'm pretty sure the New York Mets had them as well. Not sure who else. I do know of one team that did not have them and that was the New York Yankees and I wanted to rectify that.

Enter my new friend Paul. He, like I am, is a member of a great bobblehead forum over at If your a bobblehead collector like I am, I strongly urge you to join up (and tell them yankeesjetsfan sent you). He had originally made a Giants Woddy bobblehead. I let him know how good it came out and he dropped me a line letting me know he would be willing to make one for me, wearing Yankee colors. We negoiated a price and my Wody arrived yesterday.
I think Paul did a fantastic job with it. Lets take a closer look.

As you can see from the first picture, Woody is decked out in the Yankee road grays. Here's a picture of him from the back. Woody has his name on the back of the uni and is wearing a number 04. He also has a pull string, which helps him talk. Then again, if you've seen any of Toy Story Movies, you know that Woody really didn't need the pull string to talk.

Here's a view of Woody's cap, sporting the world famous interlocking NY of the New York Yankees

And finally, a view of the block on the base of the bobble, also sporting the interlocking NY.

I think Paul did a fantastic job of this customization and I'm very happy to add it to my Yankees bobblehead collection. Customizing bobbleheads are starting to become a hobby that a lot of collectors are trying their hand at. If you on youtube and run a search for slideball and SamuelYLam, you will see videos of some amazing work. I've been wanting to try my hand at converting the Peanuts bobbleheads that were given out by the Giants, Pirates and Angels, but it seems Samuel beat me to it. You can also check the bobble boards for some pics of other work as well.

I have been wanting to add more variety to my bobblehead collection. Although Disney has made Mickey, Goofy and Daffy Yankee bobbleheads, of yet I have been able to snag any of, they did not make any Toy Story, nor were there any Peanuts Yankee bobbleheads produced. As a fan of both, being able to customize these bobbles will be a fun way to add to the growing collection. Hopefully, my efforts will turn out as nice as Paul's Woody.

Thanks Paul.