Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jeter Celebration Day #2

First off, I wanted to congratulate Robinson Cano for winning the Home Run Derby last night. Robbie put on a display of power that stunned everyone, including myself. Anyone see the expression David Ortiz gave when Cano launched one off the Miller Lite sign in straight away center? Priceless. I actually did not want to watch this year, but got hooked when I saw Cano launch ball after ball into the ball hawkers in the stands. I just hope this doesn't screw up his swing for the rest of the year.

Now, on with day 2 of my Jeter Celebration.

Today, I'm showing off one of my Jeter bobbleheads. This one is from 2001 and it was given away at a Staten Island Yankees games. It was made by Alexander Global and given away to all who was in attendence. It was sponsored by Mortgage Links.

Done up in the classic bat pose, Jeter is sporting the classic Yankee home pinstripes, with blue cap with interlocking NY (as Michael Kay, the Yankee TV announcer, used to say when he was on radio). It's a very nice bobble, I think.

I actually was not there for this game. I bought this guy off ebay for under 17.00 dlvd. I got it for a steal as it didn't come with the original box or ticket stub, which is fine by me. I display these for my pleasure, not for profit.

Hope you enjoyed today's blog. Come back tommorow for day 3 of my Jeter celebration.