Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Batmobile Pick Up

I didn't really intend to pick anything up today. When I went to hang out for a bit with my buddy, the first place we hit was Toys R Us. I went up and down the aisles, not really finding anything that I had to have. Then I saw it. The Hot Wheeels RC 1966 Batmobile. I had been wanting to add this to my 1966 Batman collection ever since I laid eyes on it last November and had seen it numerous times, but always failed to pull the trigger on it. When I saw it, I noticed it was the last one. So, I did what any sensible human would do.

I bought the freakin toy!

I'm glad I did. Now, that's one Batman item crossed off the Bat List.

Look at it. Is it not cool or what? I love bat shape cut into the box to show off the Batmobile.

Here's a side view of the box that shows off the remote control. Love that it's bat shaped. Looks like something Adam West's Batman would have pulled out of his utility belt.

Back of the box. Love the POW! graphic used on here as well as the bat signal in the sky. I was holding this thing in Toys R Us with an orgasmic look and drool coming down. I must have looked like Homer Simpson looking at a donut. Needless to say parents were steering their children clear of me. No matter. It was a clear path to the register and get this baby to the house of swag.

Heres a comparison to the other Batmobile Hot Wheels put out previously. The remote controled one looks a bit larger than the other, but I havent taken either out of the packages to get a real good comparison. For now, they will stay in their packaging until I can get proper display cases and room.

I might actually take this baby for a spin. If you see a grown man walking the streets of New York City with a bat remote in his hands, a Batmobile puttering around and said individual muttering "Atomic Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed", just ignore him. It's probably me and I wont bother you. Unless you have steak, I loves me some steak.


  1. Too cool! I've been wanting to get one of these for myself, but I've never seen one in person. I do have the other version you have pictured here. Can't wait to see what the new licensing deal has to bring for the Batman TV series.

    1. Neither can I. I can't wait to get some figures and vehicles. This was a long time coming and I hope the series on DVD is next

  2. I thought about getting one of these for myself but never have gotten around to it.

    1. I had to get it. I know I'll never be able to afford the Hot Toys version when it comes out. I'm happy with these two.