Saturday, August 25, 2012

Showing Off The Swag: Luke Skywalker

I have always been a Star Wars fan. I remember seeing it as a 6 year old back in 1977, when you were allowed to walk in the middle of the movie and stay as many times as you wanted. I made my poor mom stay through multiple viewings that day and acted out scenes from the movie the very next day at school. Although I am a smart aleck like Han Solo, I have always been drawn to Luke Skywalker and is my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. I think it was because he was truly a good hearted person who could fly a ship real well and developed some bad ass Jedi tricks. I do know as a kid, I loved those lightsabers and that sealed the deal.

As a kid, I remember having a bunch of Luke Skywalker figures, including the 12 inch figure. I never owned the lightsaber, so when my cousin and I used to play Star Wars, we used to use the plastic wifleball bats as lightsabers and have at each other. I made sure I always had a blue bat to use. Never got a green bat because by the time Return Of The Jedi came out I was tired of being beaten with a plastic bat. Ever try to reinact the severing of Luke's hand scene from The Empire Strikes Back and using a plastic bat and your own hand? Not fun.

I only started to recollect Luke Skywalker this year, although I had a piece or two put away. I really can see this collection grow as I like hunting down Luke items and there's a lot of it out there. I would like to stick with picking up vintage pieces only, but I know that won't happen. There is an abundance of really cool Skywalker stuff out there and like with my Spider-Man and Batman collections, if I see a really cool piece, I'm picking it up.

Now, on to the Skywalker Swag:

A disclaimer, I realize the pictures aren't the greatest. I do need to buy a new camera.

Knowing I loved my original 12 inch Luke Skywalker figure, my buddy George got me the remake when it was released back in 2004 as a birthday present. It's a pretty cool figure, showing Luke as he looked in Star Wars: A New Hope, complete with blue lightsaber and grappling hook. Been meaning to pick the other 12 inch figures as well as the original vinage figure and I hope to at some point.

I got a great deal for these carded Power Of The Force figures at the Long Island Toy Show. Paid 10.00 for these 3 figures. Managed to grab the Hoth outfit, Bespin outfit and Ceremonial outfit. I left behind the figure of Luke dressed in the Storm Trooper outfit. I went back for it and it was gone. I will get it at some point.

I wish the card was in better shape. It was a gift from George, but after multiple moves, the card was knocked around a bit. An upgrade will be in order as soon as I can afford it.

Vintage Luke Skywalker Shampoo bottle picked up at Super Mega Show. Would do 10.00 everyday on this sweet pick up.

An assortment of loose figures. I'll let you guys try to figure out with of the 2 tattoine oufit figures is the original from the 70's.

My friend Julissa gave me this as a Valentine's Day gift back in Feburary.

This glow in the dark puzzle was picked up for a dollar at Dollar Tree. Couldn't pass it up at that price.

A vintage Empire Strikes Back glass that was sold at Burger King found at a thrift store in Poughkepsie, NY for 2 bucks. I had a baby when I saw it nestled between beer glasses and a glass from the Westchester Dinner Theather.

Picked up these 2 vintage stickers at The Westchester Sports Card Show. I think they were a quarter each. When you find vintage for that price, you don't say no, you buy, buy, buy!

That's the swag. It's a starting point for bigger and better purchases. Would love to add a vintage X-Wing fighter or Landspeeder. Also seen a couple statues I want as well as a lightsaber at Toys R Us. I'll continue to hunt for Luke swag to add to the collection and will post all my findings here as always.

Thanks for reading and May The Force Be With You.


  1. Nice Luke Skywalker Swag. The X-Wing Fighter outfit Luke was my first Star Wars action figure. Love the Burger King Promo glass and the bubble gum card stickers too. Very sweet!

    1. John, the tattoine outfit was my 1st Skywalker figure. My mom picked the first wave of figures including Luke, Leia, Vader and Chewbacca. I added Threepio and R2 later, but I dont't recall ever owning Han for some reason.

      Man I wish my sister didn't purposely throw out those figures.

  2. Oh, Man ! I need to start showing my Star Wars, Batman and action figure toy collection. I probably have anything you are looking for (although I sold off half my Star Wars collection for a grand).

    Nice Luke swag.

  3. I'm a Luke man myself. Nice collection!