Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marvel Universe FF Foundation Spider-Man

When I first heard that Spider-Man was going to be the one replacing Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four after Storm's "death", I had 2 questions: How long would it it be before Storm comes back and what costume would Spidey wear. Well, it didn't take long for Marvel to restore the original Fantastic Four line up, but what we were left with was a very cool outfit for Spider-Man.

When I first saw the white and black outfit, I actually liked it. It was different from what he's ever worn before. Yes, he's worn black and white before, but not with white being the dominant color. I actually thought we might have seen a Fantastic Four blue and white outfit, but I was pleasantly pleased to see something completely different from Marvel.

Another thought I had when I saw the figure was, of course, toys. Now, I will have to admit, I was hoping to see a 6 inch figure or even bigger. I wasn't surprised to see a 3 8/4 Marvel Universe figure, but I was disappointed we didn't see something more.

The package art for the figure looks pretty cool. I always thought Hasbro did a great job with the packaging for these figures.

The back of the package. It gives information on the character as well as show which other figures are released in this particular wave. Also, we have more character art.

Here is what's in the package. The figure, a web and a very small cardboard comic cover. Not sure why the comic cover was included with the figure.What do you do with it?  I would have much rather had a small stand for this figure for display purposes. Fail Number 1 by Hasbro.

I have to say that this figure is pretty bad ass looking. The paint job on it is terrific. He actually looks like he popped out of a comic, which to me is is the selling point of an action figure. If the figure doesn't look right, I pass it by.

Here's what the back looks like. Again, great paint job. Very constant with the way the front of the figure. Visually, this figure is a winner.

Now, here's my problem. This figure is not as articulated as you would think. The legs are very stiff, almost as if they weren't put in correctly. I was playing around with this figure, trying to get some cool poses out of it when the left leg popped off. I was able to put it back in without any problems, but it popped off again not to long after when I was playing around with it again. After the second time I just gave up on trying to get anything out of it. 

My other issue is the web. It doesn't fit into the figures hand. It kept falling out of it when I would put it in. the hands don't open enough for you to slip the web in properly. The figure can't get a grip on it so it keeps dropping out. I like the idea of a web as an accessory, but build the figure so that the hands can grasp it.

I guess I can say that this figure, while visually beautiful, was disappointing for me. the articulation was nil, the figure doesn't seem well built and the accessories packaged with this figure are pretty useless. I have never been a big fan of smaller figures and this is why. As nice looking as they are, you really can't do much with them. I have 2 other Marvel Universe figures that are still in their packages and I think I will keep them in there as well as any future Universe figures I pick up. It's a shame. These are some nice pieces Hasbro puts out. If they take a little more time putting together the figures as they do with the paint job, then these would be the best figures you could buy, As it stands, for 9.99 all you get is a cool looking piece to put on your shelf.