Saturday, February 9, 2013

I Want Them, I Want Them, I Want Them!

Looking at various toy related sites and blogs, I see that Mattel has officially released pictures of the 1966 Batman TV Series line. From what I understand, they will go for 15.00 per figure, while the Batmobile will be 49.99. 

I am very excited about this line. I have loved this series since I was 5 years old, maybe younger. I would watch the reruns of the show on Channel 5, then Channel 11. I never missed the show when it was on. It was my absolute favorite and still is to this day. 

Now that we have the figures coming out, I would love, love, love the series to finally be released on DVD/ Blu Ray. That would be the greatest!

Big thanks to USA Today for the pics. 

Love that this will come with a cloth cape, instead of a plastic one.

Batmobile looks fantastic!

The Riddler was my favorite villain from the series. Frank Gorshen was fantastic as The Riddler. I like how this one came out. Would love it if they released one with him in the bowler and suit.

Before Mickey, there was The Penguin. The likeness of Burgess Meredith is pretty spot on. The Penguin utters my all time favorite line in the Batman Movie when after they vaporize the henchmen and he and Catwoman are sweeping the dust into vials, he tells Catwoman, Careful, careful. Everyone of them had a mother. Classic!

Let the drooling commence!