Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marvel Legends: Classic Iron Man

I was in Target yesterday, buying some stuff for da casa, when I strolled into the toys section, just to take a peek. I wasn't planning on buying any new toys as I am only wanting to pick up vintage stuff and the new toys based on the 1966 Batman TV Show later in the year. But then, I saw it on a peg. The new Marvel Legends Classic Iron Man figure. I knew it would be coming home with me. Finally, I would have a figure of the classic Iron Man and not just any armor either. I would add the classic "Horned Helmet" in my Iron Man Collection.

Not sure why this is my favorite of all the Iron Man armors. Maybe it's because it takes me back to when I was a kid and I would read the reprints of the classic 1960's stories written by Stan Lee and drawn by Don Heck and Jack Kirby.Then, I remember reading a reprint of Tales Of Suspense #48 with the new armor, which Steve Ditko redesigned. I loved the red and gold suit better than the bulky silver Mark I and gold Mark II. Plus, I thought the horns were pretty bad ass. The horns didn't last too long, maybe a year before Marvel did away with them and came up with the helmet we all know and love. 

So, here's the front of the package

And the back

And here's Iron Man

Love the way this is sculpted. The head looks like it jumped off the pages of Tales Of Suspense. The colors are awesome. The red looks nice and the gold just pops out at you. Initially, the joints on the figure were kind of stiff and I had a hard time moving them around and even getting him to stand. But, after playing around with it for a few minutes, I was able to get him standing up on his own. As for the joints, I will have to move them around to loosen them up a little more, especially he legs.

The figure comes with the right leg of the Iron Monger. You will have to buy all the other Iron Man figures to put it together. Right now, there is the Iron Patriot and the Heroic Age Iron Man. There will be a couple more Iron Man figures being released in the Fall of 2013 to complete Iron Monger. 

With the head, you can go from this

To this with a pop of the head

Getting the head off  back was pretty easy. Putting it back on was not. I had to really push it in to get the head back in place. You have to be careful though. You could snap the ball that the head goes on and what would you be left with? A headless Iron Man. The Mandarin would be so proud. 

Inside the package comes with a pamphlet that shows what the Iron Monger will look like once it's completed. Not sure I will be chasing the figures to complete the Iron Monger. Maybe one day I will. I would rather stick with my 2013 game plan and just get the stuff I really want and I really wanted this Classic Iron Man figure. I think it's a great pick up and it will look good in mine or any Iron Man collection.