Monday, March 11, 2013

Mego Mondays-Superman

Superman has always been a favorite of mine. I remember my first exposure to the Man Of Steel was by watching the Super Friends every Saturday morning. I then got to watch the George Reeves "The Adventures Of Superman" on reruns. What really made Superman a favorite of mine was when my mom took my sister and I to see "Superman The Movie". From then on, Superman was and still is, in my top 5 superheros.

Of course, as a kid, I had my share of Superman toys. I don't remember exactly which toys I had, but I certainly remember having the Mego Superman figure. When I started to re-collect Mego figures, Superman was definitely one I had to buy again. Luckily, I was able to pick up Kal-El for a good price off eBay.

This figure is a pretty darn good one. Probably one of the better Mego's in my collection. Everything on Superman is authentic. No repo's on this figure.

This Superman has a good face sculpt. Right down to the spit curl in hair. The emblem sticker was also done right. Not too big, not too small. The look is quintessential Superman.

The is figure has Superman's boots down as well. The perfect shade of red. The trunks, not shown, are also done right, I really believe this is one of the best Superman figures ever done.

If I have a complaint, and it's not really much of one, is the cape is missing the yellow S on the back of the cape. Again, it's not really not a bit deal. The lack of said symbol doesn't take away how cool this figure is.

Mego came out with a lot of Superman stuff aside from this figure. There was a couple of 12 inch figure, a 3 inch figure, a bank, a Fortress Of Solitude play set for the 3 inch figure, a couple of die cast figures and they made figures for Superman 2, including a Christopher Reeve 12 inch figure. They even made a Clark Kent figure that was exclusive to the Montgomery Ward stores which is very rare.

I'm sure with the new movie hitting theaters this summer that there will be a slew of new Superman toys hitting the shelves. To me, I doubt any of them will be as cool as this Superman Mego. It's as close to Kryptonian perfection as one can get.