Monday, March 3, 2014

Now, Why Haven't I Started Collecting These?

Let me take you back to the mid 70's. As a kid, I was obsessed with a few things. Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Star Wars, The Beatles were among the things that kept me busy. But then there was lunch boxes. Man, I loved them. All the different characters, colors shapes and sizes of these things kept me drooling over them. I would always look at my classmates lunch boxes and then look at my brown paper bag.

See, I never did own one. I had to obsess over everyone's lunch boxes and obsess I did. Whenever someone bought a new one I had to be the first to give it the once over. When my mom went shopping I would find a lunch box I liked and would beg her for it. But she never relented. She would always tell me I would lose it. To her, a brown bag was dispensable. To me, a cool looking lunch box was a status symbol. By the time my mom started to consider buying me one, I was already on my way to Junior High School and was perfectly OK with a brown paper bag.

So, now that I am an adult and have started some collections, yet I STILL have not picked up any vintage lunch boxes for my collections or started a lunch box collection. After watching a couple of lunch box collection videos on YouTube,  I started thinking about why I had not picked up any. I came to the conclusion that 2 factors, lack of room for displaying them and money has kept me from picking any up. Vintage lunch boxes have become a costly hobby, but if I do come across any that I can afford, I may start picking some up and finally start that lunch box collection I have been dreaming of since I was 5.

Which ones would I pick up? Well, let's start off with the obvious ones:


I have been wanting that vintage Batman lunch box forever. It's a pretty expensive lunch box, so I probably wouldn't go after it as a starter for my collection and would probably put it with my Batman collection anyway. The Superman The Movie lunch box would probably be a better one to start off with, price wise. I love the Hulk lunch box, but I never understood why Spider-Man never got his own lunch box. I always see him with other Marvel heroes on a lunch box. As much of a Super Friends fan I am, the Super Friends lunch box is a no brainer for me. I have come lose a couple of time to acquiring one, but could never agree on a price.

The Beatles

These two Beatles lunch boxes will have to wait until I hit the lottery. These are pretty high end pieces.

TV Shows I liked as a kid:

I had fun watching all these shows as a kid and in some cases still do watch them. I would love to pick up these lunch boxes to remind myself why I loved lunch boxes as kid and why I want to start a collection of lunch boxes.

And of course the movies I love:

I have to have the Star Wars lunch boxes. I was and still am a huge fan of Star Wars, but if Luke Skywalker is on the lunch box, it would probably go with the rest of my Luke Skywalker collection. Too bad a Back To The Future Lunchbox was never made. With all the Back To The Future stuff being released, maybe they will make one.

And finally, 2 music acts that I would have to add to my future lunch box collection:

How did I get from Kiss to The Monkees? I love them both, that's how. Even though Kiss has really been annoying me as of late from lip syncing their performance at the Kings/Ducks game at Dodger Stadium to not performing at the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame induction. Still, the lunch box is something I've wanted for years and would jump at the chance to own one.

After looking through all the pictures and videos of all the lunch boxes that are out there any collection, no matter how big or small, would be a great one. My hope is that one day, maybe I will fulfill the dream of a 5 year old me and one day get that monkey off my back by picking up a few.  The fact is I have loved these things for far too long. For me not to own any vintage lunch boxes is a personal crime and hopefully, one I can make right for my inner kid.