Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I haven't been recieving any TTm's. In a bit of a dry spell right now. I did go to Duane Reede during my lunch break to print out the customs I made over the course of the past few days. Hopefully, they came out well and I'll get them sent out tomorrow. I have to write up some letters tonight when I get in from my appointment at a perspective school. Then I have a group break also tonight with one of my Hockey groups. Hopefully I can get a Broduer pulled for the PC.

Tomorrow promises to be a great day. Yankees/Phillies World Series Game 1, Knicks season opener and the Devils skate off against the Sabers at the Rock. The Devils are selling signed pucks for charity for 25.00 bucks a pop. The first time they did this last season, it was a mad house. They're was no restrictions on how many pucks you could purchase, so there were people paying a couple of hundred to try and get a Brodeur or Stevens or Parise auto'ed puck. Alot of people got shut out and boy, were they mad. I read on the Devils message board I belong to, www.njdevs.com, that a bunch of people were storming mad. I didn't get shut out though. After waiting in line all afternoon for tix and being one of the first at the door, my paitence netted me a....Johnny Oduya auto. Not bad, I did need him for my small collection of Devils signed pucks, but not the one I wanted. I'll be parked in my apt, watching Game 1 and the Knicks season opener, but had the Yankees not made the series, I would have been in Newark.

Hopefully, something will come in this week. If not, I'll post some of my collection to past the time. Untill next time, LET'S GO YANKEES!!