Friday, October 30, 2009


Game 2 goes to NY. Great pitching dual yesterday. I dispise him, but I have to give the devil his due, Pedro pitched a hell of a ballgame yesterday and was certainly good enough to win. AJ pitched terrific as well, attacking batters, getting a lot of first pitch strikes and pitching quick innings. Where the heck was this the regular season though? oh well, if he helps the Yankees to a world championship, all will be forgiven. At least he was healthy all year long. My boy Tex came out of his slump nicely and Godzilla roared as well. Game three should be a good one with Hammels against Pettitte. Hopefully it won't be a football score at Citizen's Bank on Saturday.
Got an ebay win yesterday, 2009-10 Upper Deck Eddy Curry auto. Needed it for my Knicks PC. If only he'd drop some weight and gets back on the floor. Last time I saw him, he looked like Mamma from Mamma's Family. He had the neck butt going which is never a good sign for a guy that young. You start to think about his health first, playing ball second. Anyway, Knicks are in Charlotte to play the equally bad Bobcats. Here's hoping we can come to the Garden tomorrow night with a win.
Hopefully, I can get some pics of my recent adds this weekend. Let's Go Yankees!