Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Statue Add

With everything that has been going on recently, to my laptop getting a virus, to my grandmother being hospitalized, to work just getting backed up at the office, it was nice to be able to buy myself a few things that would make me smile as well as add to the Yankees collection.

It's not a bobblehead, but I will place this in my bobblehead bookcase. This is a 2010 All Star Mickey Mouse Statue, painted in New York Yankees colors and logos. This is a replica of the statues made for the 2010 All Star Game, which was played in Anaheim last year, home of Disneyland. For the past few years, MLB has been releasing replicas of the statues made for the All Star Game. In NYC a couple of years back, there were Statue of Libertys painted in the colors of every team in baseball, placed all around NYC. Those were made into figurines and sold to the public. Of course, I didnt get one, thinking I could get it later only to see them going for 30.00 and up on ebay. I have an All Star bobblehead coming in from a few years back. I'll post a pic of it when it arrives.

This was something I've wanted for a long, long time. I wasn't willing to shell out 50.00, plus shipping for it, so I bidded my time. I saw this one with a starting bid of 10.00. I made my bid and got it for 25.00, free shipping. Winner!

There is a Mickey figurine that was released this year and is selling at all ballpaks in the majors. I've seen the Yankees one at the Stadium and will be picking it up very soon. This one needs his brother to hang out with on the shelf.