Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/15/2012-Mets vs Brewers Citi Field

Let me start off this entry by stating that I am in no way a Mets fan. However, I am a fan of baseball and will go see a game just about everywhere I can. My buddy Mark shares season tickets for the Mets and will invite me to a game every so often. Today, I had a purpose though.

I went to Tom Seaver bobblehead day back in April. The game was rained out and the crowd that was waiting to get in kinda got antsy with chants of "Bobblehead, Bobblehead" ringing out. To pacify the unruly mob, vouchers were given out to be cashed anytime at any field level fan assistance booth before June 1st. Of course, I find out a half an hour after we left that they rescheduled the give away for a nother Saturday. Whatever. I had my voucher and was happy.

I get to Citi Field first. The weather wasn't the greatest and I was worried the game would get rained out yet again. This time the weather held up and I was able to go inside.

As soon as we got in, I went straight to the field level fan assistance booth and snagged my bobblehead. Once I retrieved it, we went to grab some grub. Some of the best places to eat at Citi Field are Shake Shack (Line is always way too long) and Mex Grill, which are Keith Hernandez owned burger grills (try the Tex Mex burger. They are awesome!) Thi time, however, the Mex Grills were closed so I opted for a cheeseburger deluxe at the regular vending windows. Afterward, we went up to our seats.

Pretty sweet seats right above home plate. Like at Shea, the upper deck is pushed back and not hanging over like it is at Yankee Stadium, so it looks further than it actually is.

We sat and watched the Brewers pound the crap out of the Mets. When the score was 8-0 late in the game, we made our way to the Mets Hall Of Fame. I took a lot of pics.

Polo Ground seats

Gary Carter's jersey

Shea Stadium seats

Shea Stadium dedication plaque

Original Mr. Met head and uniform

Mets Hall of Fame members

1969 World Series Trophy

1986 World Series Trophy

When I got home, I opened up the bobblehead box to take a closer look at my newest addition

Both the front and back of the box had pictures of Tom Seaver.

The side pannels were both the same. Colored in Mets Blue and Tom Seaver Bobblehead printed in orange lettering

And heeeeeeerrrreee's Tommy

CitiBank sponsored the bobblehead, which shows Seaver in the old school Mets pinstriped uni. The head seems to be leaning front a bit too much. Not sure if it's just mine or were all like that.

Here's what opposing hitters probably looked at...if Tom Seaver was a bobblehead.

And the back with his familiar number 41. Neck is a bit too ET-ish in this shot.

Overall, I really like the bobblehead. The face looks alot like Tom Terrific. The pose they picked is great and the paint job on it is very good as well.

During the season, the Mets will give away 4 more bobbleheads. Rusty Staub is next week (why not a Tug McGraw or Ed Kranepool?) and later Keith Hernandez (usually, I would say good choice, but all things considered, Gary Carter would have been a better choice), Edgar Alphonso (really?) and Mike Piazza. I will probably try to make it out to all of them since I just can't turn down a bobblehead. Hopefully, the rest will look as good as the Seaver did.