Monday, May 14, 2012

Recent TTM Sucesses

During the past weeks, I have been writing a bunch of autograph request letters and sending 4x6 photos with the letters. I haven't writen letters like this in a long, long time. I have to admit, I miss TTM'ing, so I try to get out at least 10 letters a week to various sports stars, actors and wrestlers. The successes are starting to trickle back in, slowly but surely. Here's who I've gotten back so far.

Ed Asner:

I was thrilled to see that Lou Grant signs TTM, but I didn't send out any Lou Grant photos. Here's what I sent out and got back signed.

The Spidey fanatic in me loves this photo. Too bad the it looks like the gold ink was dying on the pen he used.

This one is my favorite of the 3. Loved the movie Up and was thrilled he wrote a line from the movie on the pic. Awesome success!

John Astin:

Always been a fan of John Astin. A friend of mine got his auto and shared the address with me. Within a a week I got these 2 pics returned to me and signed.

Always loved him as Gomez Adams and was so happy to get this picture signed. Wish he used a Sharpie instead of a pen, but no matter. Just real happy to get this back.

As a huge, huge fan of the 1966 Batman series, getting this autograph thrilled me to no end. Another add to Project: Superhero.

Walter Flanagan

I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith and his View Askew Universe. Walt Flanagan is a huge part of it, having been in most of Smith's movies. As a childhood friend of Smith's, he is the manager of Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash comic store, one of the star's of AMC's Comic Book Men and co-hosts Tell 'Em Steve-Dave podcast with Bryan Johnson.

Signed this shot of him wearing the Mooby's sweatshirt, behind the counter at The Secret Stash.

Signed the Mallrats poster. He played "Fanboy" in it, getting into it with Brodie while on line at the comic store.

This is so cool. For those who don't know, Flanagan is also a comic book artist, having done Batman: Cacophony, which was written by Kevin Smith. I think Smith and Flanagan will be doing another Batman story soon. I sent this artist card with the photos and he did a Batman sketch on it. Very cool piece.

Some very cool returns the past 2 weeks. I have more going out this week and hope to get more in as well. Stay tuned.