Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yankees vs Rays 5/9/2012-Garden Gnome Give Away

It's been a bit busy in my world, so when I was offered a chance to hit Yankee Stadium for a game against The Rays I was glad to go. When I found out it was Garden Gnome Give Away, I was estatic. I really wanted the gnome. Why? I don't have a house or a garden to neccestate a gnome. I just think it would be something diffrent and cool to put in with the Yankee bobbleheads.

But, enough of my drivel. On with the pictures and there are a lot to show.

I got to the Stadium pretty early and was 4th on line. The line started growing a little before the gates opened, but with the weather real cloudy and a 75% chance of rain before game time, not a lot of people showed. A half an hour later, gates opened and I got my gnome.

Since I had 2 hours to kill, I decided to go to out to the right field stands and do something I hadn't done in years, ballhawk. I was never really lucky at it, but why not I thought.

Yankee Stadium from right field

CC Sabathia hanging out with some of the players

Nick Swisher and Boone Logan joins them.

So, I'm talking to this gentleman about his son getting a ball from one of the Rays players when a loud crack of the bat averted our attentions. A ball was hit and it was rocketing in our direction. The ball landed a few rows behind us and took a bounce forward....right into my hands.

Pretty sweet. The ball had a huge black mark where it was hammered. There are also grass stains on it, scuff marks and it was not marked "Practice" like some of the balls I had seen were. Not a ball I could get signed, but still a pretty cool momento of the game to bring home with me along with the gnome.

Seeing I still had about 45 minutes to kill, I decided to hit the Yankee Museum to check out the displays. I said farewell to the guy and his kid and headed up to the museum. The themes this time were Subway Series and a subject dear to me, Latins in Baseball.

Here are a whole bunch of pictures

Joe DiMaggio and Pee Wee Reese gamers

Various pins

Whitey Ford Gamer

Mantle Gamer

I love this Worl Series program. The vintage look to it and the artist renderings of Yankee Stadium and Ebbets Field is classic. I would love to own it one day...after I win the lotto.

Some of the Latino exhibit

Love the Alomar powder blue Jays uni. Love that they bought back a variation of these unis this season.

Luis Aparichio Gamer ( I probably misspelled that)

Rod Carew Gamer

Orlando Cepeda

Juan Marichel

Orlando Cepeda's NL MVP Award along with cards, Starting Lineups and other goodies.

I would love to show you pictures of my seats, the beer I drank, the awesome, awesome Philly Cheesesteak I ate, with Cheese Whiz, Tony Mamaluke Style, and the blown save by David Robertson that cause my buddy and I to leave in disgust, but I cannot. My cell died right after I snapped the pic of the MVP award. Stupid Android battery.

So, here's the main event, the Garden Gnome

I actually like how this came out. Scotts sponsored the give away. Not sure if Forever made the gnome. As you can see, he is decked out in a Yankee blue gnome cap and pinstipes

On the back, he is sporting #27, signifing the 27 World Championships the club has won in it's history.

By comparison, I put the gnome side by side with my Thurman Munson AGP bobblehead and it's a bit smaller, but not by much. Looks great next too it. Once I get my space to get a nice cabinet, the gnome will look great next in with the bobbles, figurines and other Yankee goodies I have.

Thanks for the read. Sorry for all the pictures but when anyone goes to Yankee Stadium, picture taking is a must.