Thursday, November 8, 2012

Score At The Thrift Store

For so long I have been going to thrift stores and I usually leave empty handed. After my big score last Friday, I decided to try my luck at the thrift store by where I work in Manhattan.

There are three thrift stores by where I work. 2 independently owned ones and 1 Goodwill store. I generally gravitate to the Goodwill over the independent stores as there is usually better stuff at the Goodwill and the prices are usually better. The owners of the independent stores usually know what they have and will price to retail and above. Goodwill will just guesstimate and put it out there.

On Monday, I went in during my lunch break and came away with 2 scores.

I usually won't find Beatles stuff at any thrift store so I was quite pleased to find this puzzle sitting on a shelf. I'm not usually a puzzle collector, but this was a Beatles puzzle and it was less than three bucks, so it became mine. A cool addition to the Beatles PC.

I just hope all the pieces are there. I may actually take a stab at putting this together and framing it once I'm done. Not sure what to do if there are any missing pieces. Probably will just display the box on my future Beatles shelf.

I also found this Comedian figure just sitting on a shelf. Now, I must be the only comic fan on earth who is NOT a fan of The Watchmen. I read the graphic novel and it was very good in some parts and not so good in others. The movie was visually stunning, but I wasn't a fan of the story. Guess you can't please everyone. This figure looks like it was never taken out of the box. All accesories are in with the figure. This will be up for trade if anyone wants it.

2 trips to 2 diffrent thrift stores netted some cool stuff for keeps and trade. One day soon, I will put together a trade blog and maybe make some trades with the community.

I'm hooked on thrifting and can't wait to make another trip. My collection needs more goodies.