Friday, November 2, 2012

Visit To The Thrift Store

Today was the first day I was able to go out and about in and around my area in the Bronx. I had some errands to run and wanted to head over toward the Riverdale section of the Bronx. There is a thrift store I like going into and I wanted to take the trip over and see if there was anything intresting there.

Yes. I'd say I found some intresting stuff. For 8 bucks I got some nice toys to add to my various collections.

For .99 cents, I scored a vintage Two Bad from The Masters Of The Universe toy line. I don't normally collect Masters Of The Universe, but to score a vintage toy at that price, I wasn't passing it up. He didn't come with his shield, but I will probably not keep it anyway and trade him instead.

In this bag, I got 2 of the same Smurf (I hate Smurfs), an Iron Man for my Iron Man PC, a small Ninja Turtle, a Buzz Lightyear that's missing his helmet, 2 Darth Vader figures, another Darth Vader that is missing his light up lightsaber (sad face), a Anakin Skywalker with a broken arm and a Sponge Bob figure. I bought the baggie for the Iron Man and Darth Vaders. Everything else is either trash or for trade.
This was an intresting lot. I was initially drawn to Spidey but I also scored another Iron Man, a wind up Iron Monger and what I think to be a Halo figure, which will also be for trade. Everything else is mine, mine, mine!
This was a nice sized lot. I got a few pieces here for my various PC's. I got a Super Friends Batman, a Hulk, 2 figures I really have no earthly idea what they are, an Electro, a Super Nova, a Camo Batman with what looks to be one of the ears chewed off, an Avatar figue, a Jedi Luke Skywalker with the light up lightsaber missing (That one hurts) and a Captain America. I had seen the Capt. America and the Hulk in the baggie and bought it for those two. Everything, but the Avatar and the Double Mint Twins are PC.
This lot was the steal of the day. For 1.99 I scored a construction worker, a small Lego guy, an army guy AND some original Star Wars figures. A Hoth Outfit Han Solo, a C3PO, a Bespin Outfit Luke Skywalker and a Bespin Security Guard. I know the Solo, Skywalker and the Security Guard are from the Empire Strikes Back line. Not sure about C3PO though. I can guess he is. There was a Threepeo released in that line, so I'm guessing he is. The Solo and Skywalker were missing their blasters, but I can pick those up on ebay rather easily. It's always a great day when you can find some vintage swag at a dirt cheap price. Those are going into the Star Wars/Luke Skywalker PC.
Tomorrow, I plan to hit a flea market I saw a sign for. I am hoping for much of the same as today. I usually hit thrift stores and come out empty handed. Today I learned that if your patient, you will be rewarded and was I ever.