Friday, November 23, 2012

Holy Trading Cards Batman!

I don't really have any vintage Batman pieces from the 1960's, especially from that magic Bat-Year of 1966 when the T.V show debuted and everyone went Bat-GaGa, especially the merchandising. Seems like there was everything Bat related that year. If you could slap a Bat on the title, then chances were you were selling it. Bat Shirts? Done. Bat Bread? Sold. Bat Toliets? Um.... you get the idea.

However, I do own a few cards from the 1966 Topps Batman sets. I stumbled on them during visits to sports card shows. I usually find them sold as singles for 1-2 dollars a pop. Anytime I find them, I buy them. I know trying to buy a complete set of these cards would cost me a pretty Bat penny. Plus, I love the chase. The hunting of these cards and try to complete this set reminds me when I would buy packs of baseball cards and try to complete the sets. Call me old fashioned, but, to me, it's more satisfying and gratificating completing a set and being able to slam that binder cover closed when completed.

I don't know much about these cards other than there were multiple sets released. A black bat, a blue bat and a red bat set. Some sets had a red back, some had a blue back. Others had a puzzle back. I have even heard of there being multiple puzzle backs. iye, yi. yi. Trying to complete these sets may make me grey, but I'm willing to look like Old Man Winter to get this done.

Here are the cards I do own:

This one is in worse shape than any of the others I own. I will keep it for now until I can upgrade it.

Love how he has green eyebrows here. Looks like the Rock.

Too bad this mask wasn't on the show. Julie Newmar wearing this would have looked puuuuuuurrrrfect. I'm sorry.

Is it me or does Robin look sleepy?


Gulliver's Travels, staring the Caped Crusader.

The Penguin's so smooth. Fighting Batman with an umbrella AND smoking a cigarette. Smooth Criminal.
I've always wondred, does Robin wear chain mail shorts?

Ghost Rider's pissed.

See Batman, Liberace's got nothing on me. Ho, ho, ho. Ha, Ha, Ha.

I have yet to pick up the Laffs Batman cards and I see those at the card shows as well. I will grab some eventually. I just want to grab a few more of these cards before I start another set. By the way, if any one has any more info on these cards they can share, it would be greatly appreciated.

This is a set that will be a thrill for me to try and complete. I love vintage cards and I love Batman. 2 of my passions rolled into one. The Hobby Gods have smiled upon me. Hopefully, there will be more cards for me to add to my collection at the card show I'm hitting up tomorrow. I will post new additions, if any, tomorrow. Check back then.

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.