Saturday, December 1, 2012

Package from The Cool And Collected Universe

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, I made a deal with my buddy Brian over at I love making deals with Brian as I always get some cool stuff from him and he is really easy to work with and the packages always come quick. After initally almost pulling the trigger on a vintage Millenium Falcon and a Star Wars lot, I saw he was selling a DC lot as well as a small Joker lot, so I quickly made a deal with him.

As I mentioned before, he does get the packages out quickly. No more than a few days after paying, I got this package at my postal box


Inside was a veritable stash of DC toys and other goodies. It was stuffed to the top, which I always like to see. It would be impossible to show off all the goods, so I will show off my favorites in groups.

The Bat Lot. The main reaison I picked up the DC Lot was to add to my Batman collection and I think I have with some of these figures. I got some Batman The Animated Series figures, The Dark Knight and some The Batman toys as well as a cowl. I want to see if I can get some stands for these figures so when I am able to display them they wont fall over.

A couple of cool Batman Pez Dispensers.

Batmobiles and a Batcycle to add to my fleet of Bat Vehicles.

Batman was not the only one I was going for when I snagged this lot. I don't have a Superman collection and I want to rectify that. This lot will get me on my way.

Some members of the Justice League to add to the swag.

And to end things, a lot of my favorite Bat Villian. There are some real cool Joker figures in this lot, but I really like the figure of him on the cards. That will look pretty sweet on a shelf in my future man cave.

Again, I want to thank Brian for the sale. If you have not read his Cool and Collected blog, I urge you to do so. He is a great pop culture blogger and an even better friend.

Hope you all have a great weekend.