Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Joy Of Bagging Your White Whale

You'll forgive me if I chuckle at the term "White Whale". It always makes me think of the classic Tom And Jerry cartoon (Chuck Jones Years). This one was a take off of the clasic story, "Mobey Dick", renamed "Dickey Moe. It opened with Ahab pacing back and forth across his ship, muttering to himself "Dickey Moe" over and over again. I seem to remember him drawing a pic of Dickey Moe, then dividing the whale into sections like chicken, beef, etc and eating it. To a kid with a warpped sense of humor, like myself, that was the funniest thing ever and I still chuckle at the "White Whale term.

Well, funny or not, I bagged me a "White Whale". Now I can check this item off my list. I managed to find it at a decent price off ebay and it arrived yesterday.

Yeah, I opened it, but I was excited. Don't judge me.

Oh yeah. Bubble wrapped and all. I have an extra toy now. I love popping bubble wrap. Especially in the movies. I said stop judging me!

Finally! I re-added a 1978 A.J. Renzi Spider-Man bank. I used to have this as a kid and the moment I took it out of the box I had a flood of memories come back to me. I used to love this thing. He looked great on my shelf next to my Megos, My Godzilla Shogun Warrior figure and my Darth Vader carrying case that had my Star Wars figures. I've been trying to add this to my Spider-Man collection for a few years. I would either get out bid for one on ebay or when I did get it, something would happen to it and it would get destroyed. Not this time. I will make sure this is well protected until I can re-display my Spidey collection or die trying.

Let's check out it's awesomeness

I remember there was a sticker on either side of the bank. On this one, there was only one sticker, but no matter really. I'm just thrilled to have it.

I love how the web lines are molded into the plastic and are not drawn on.



With these banks, you had the option of using it as a regular plastic bust or cutting a slit on the top to put change into it and use it as a bank. The only draw back to this was to get your change out, you would have to cut a hole on the bottom as you can see in the pictures above. It's rare to find an unused bank. When you do expect to pay over 100.00 for it.

I wanted to see how the bank stacks up with the A.J. Renzi Spider-Man Halloween pail I bought last month. The bank is taller, but not by that much. The pail has more mass, which means more candy and that is good. Strange, I seem to remember the bank being a bit more bigger. Maybe it's because as a kid, everything was bigger.

Still, I am real happy I can cross this bank off my "Must Have" list. This is a gorgous vintage toy from my childhood and I love it. Too bad there weren't any other characters made like Batman, Superman, Captain America and maybe a Wonder Woman. Regardless, I have the one bank I wanted in my collection and one day soon, I will hunt down the Hulk for the double play and add him to the collection.

It's always sweet tracking down that "White Whale". It's even better when it's someting you had at some point and already has sentimental value to you.