Friday, April 30, 2010

Ok,I screwed up....

I had wanted to show off my bobblehead collection on this post. I had gotten in another bobble to show off tonight with the rest of my collection. However, like an empty headed sap, I left the bobble on my desk at work. So I guess I can show it off tomorrow with about three others as I will be dropping by a guy who is on the Spawn forums as well as a bobble forum I recently joined. He's selling me some Yankee bobbles for the collection so, I can show off all of my treasures then.

Until then, I wanted to show off my player collections one card at a time. I collect four players, two of them I am trying to build a serious collection of and that would be Mark Teixeira and Martin Brodeur. I also collect Tino Martinez and David Lee. With Tex, I currently stand at 172 cards and Marty at 223, I think. I will get the exact number tomorrow. So what I will do each day is to show off one card of Brodeur and Teixeira each to keep the blog moving. This helps to keep the blog moving so there is something new to see,especially if there is no mailday. Yes,I know I'm cheating, but I really want to put effort into this blog and I work long hours and then work out after, so my brain goes into zzzzzz mode at night.

First off, is this beauty:

2009 Topps Mark Teixeira Yankee Stadium Inaugural Season Patch Card. I do realize it's manufatcured, but I really like the way these look. They add variety to a player collection, I think. Bought it off ebay for about $7.00 delivered.

I don't have very many Brodeur autos in my PC. I have only three. His is an expensive auto, averaging about $70.00 and up. I was lucky to have been able to buy this 2002 Hot Prospects Hotgraphs auto card for about $35.00. Not cheap, but compared to some of his other autos, It is pretty darn affordable.

That's all for tonight. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaacccccckkkk!

Good news everyone. My laptop issue has been resolved and I can post pics on here again. There has been a few things I've gotten since I last posted and I will get pics up as soon as I can, quite possibly tonight.

I have also moved away a bit from collecting McFarlanes and to collecting bobbleheads. I have always had a facination for bobbles. I had a few and saw a few at a card show recently for dirt cheap and the rest is history. My collection has grown to close to 20 bobbles in the last month with more on their way in. I'll probably do a blog about them tonight complete with pics. I'm meeting up with a bobblehead collector on Friday to pick up some more and to pick his brain about how to collect them, what to look for, what's the best way to store and protect them, etc. I may make that visit into a blog as well. I'm looking forward to it.

Talk to you all later.