Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick one this morning. I have been a bit under the weather as of late, plus the lack of anything in the mail has kept me from posting. I'm hoping to get something, anything this week so I have something to post. Would also love for this cough to take a hike as well. I usully dont get a cough, but when I do, it likes to unpack a lunch and stay awhile.

Hope everyone is getting all their xmas shopping done. I still have a few things to take care of, but it should be done this week.

Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been off a bit. I haven't actually gotten anything recently, plus I have been a bit sick this week. Just wanted to show off some recent gets:

Former Flyers Great Bobby Clarke signed 2 custom index cards and a Puck for me. The cool thing was Clarke actually took the time to seperate my items in diffrent envelopes instead of just shoving everything into one envelope. The "Bob" part on the puck got a little smudged, but the effort was much appreciated. I wish alot of athletes were this thoughtful

NBA Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens signed 4 custom Knicks index cards for the Knicks PC. Wilkens is the only HOF'er in as both a player and coach. Great TTM'er.

I managed to snag a autographed card from of former Knicks coach Red Holzman off ebay for a pretty good price. I do hope it's a legit auto. For what I paid, if it turns out it's a fake, it won't be too big a deal.

I also added two new Marty Brodeur cards to the PC. Was able to make a deal with a SPAWN forum boardmember from Canada for two of the 2009-10 McDonalds cards.

Also managed to snag a Roberto Luango signed 8x10 from a group break of UD Portraits. I had the Devils and Canucks as my teams and will frame this bad boy and hang it up.

Last note, was saddened to hear of the passing of former Yankee great Tommy Henrich. From what I was told, he was to the Yankees of the 30's and 40's what Paul O'Neill was to the Yankees of the 90's. The man came through in big situations for the Yankees. He batted a career .282, , was a 5 time all star, 5 time world champion with the Yankees. In game 4 of the 41 series against the Dodgers. He swing and missed a full count breaking pitch, but Dodgers catcher Mickey Owens missed the ball, allowing Henrich to reach first and keep the inning going. Dimaggio singled, Keller doubled and Gordon doubled in 2 more runs and the Yankees had a 7-4 victory and a 3-1 series lead, which they would win.

He was 96 when he passed. God Rest his soul.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Work has kept me busy and tired. I did get a few things in the mail from TTM, Box Breaks and Ebay. I'll get them posted over the weekend.

I decided to start an ambitous project. I want to get the 2009 Yankees World Series Team on 2009 World Series baseballs. I know this will take me a long while and plus, I know it will be very expensive, but I am willing to try. Players like Jeter, Arod, Rivera and Matsui are some of the few players I may have to pay Steiner Prices for, but I'll do it, hence the length of time it will take me to complete this project. Plus, the players aren't readily avalable to the public like the Philies were last year as I have been following a few blogs and seen a few 2008 Phillies WS auto ball collections. I'll of course leave posts and pics of what I get.

I'll talk to guys later. I'm hoping the rumors I hear about AI coming to the Knicks aren't true. Please no.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted a blog recently. Been a bit busy with work and plus, I haven't had any returns TTM-wise. I did get a Broduer dual jersey card off ebay that arrived recently, so I will get a pic of it up tonight.

Just a quick request, if anyone reads my blogs, please post a quick comment so I know someone is reading these, lol. Other than posting pics of my wins or sucesses, my main goal here is making new friends.

Let's Go Knicks/Devils!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Been a quiet weekend so far. Watched the Knicks lose and Devils win today. I get the feeling I'll be typing his same sentence for much of the winter.

Wasn't able to attend the Yankees parade Friday as I wasn't able to get the day off from work.I did get to see some of it on TV and it looked like a mad house on the streets, so I guess I'm kinda glad I didn't go. Not much a fan of crowds.
Did get 2 TTM's Friday. Two more former Knicks:

Harry Gallatin

Richie Guerin

Thursday, November 5, 2009

11/5/2009-On Top Of The World Ma!!!

I am sooooo loking forward to the parade tomorrow. I have never been to a Yankees championship parade and I have been a die hard fan since 1976. Just not a fan of crowds so I stay away. I think I'm going to this one however. If I do, I will post pics here tomorrow night.
Haven't been to the post office yet, so I have nothing to report TTM or ebay-wise. If I get anything, I'll come back and post.
Congrats to the New York Yankees!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent adds

Well, here I am as I promised earlier. Got the game on, Yankees up 2-0 on a Matsui bomb in the 2nd. We are here at the top of the third and Ruiz just tripled off Pettitte. Hopefully, he can get out of it.
Ok, here are my recent adds. First the McGuire auto from earlier todayMy apologies, I don't have a scanner and use a digital camera.

Next, recent adds from ebay, from my Team Collectors group or group breaks

First Knicks Autos

09-10 Upper Deck Eddy Curry

08-09 Chronology Dick Barnett. I just need a Bradley and DeBusshere and I'll have autos from the starting 5 of the 68-69 World Championship team.

Next a Dustin Keller GU

Next, Some Devils SP Authentic Patrick Elias Dual GU

SP Authentic Brian Gionta auto
Now some Yankees PC

Topps Gallery Alphonso Soriano GU Bat

Leaf Certified Hideki Matsui GU Jersey card. Btw, he has driven in 4 runs tonight.

This is unique. A Topps Gallery Alfonso Soriano Dominican Coin Card. It's a diffrent addition to the Yankees collection, but I like it.2009 Topps Chrome Mark Melancon auto

2009 Topps Chrome Ramiero Pena auto

2008 Bowman's Best Melky Cabrera auto

Priemer Roger Clemens auto

Some PC Adds

David Lee

Bowman 48 auto

09-10 Upper Deck auto

09-10 Topps Game Used Jersey

Mark Teixeira

2005 Donruss GU Bat

I also added a bunch of base and inserts of Teixeira and Martin Brodeur. If I added pics of those, I wouldn't be able to watch the rest of the game, lol. Top 5, Yankees up 4-1. I am always looking to trade, but I only trade if your on tradingcardcentral.com or sportscardforum.com and if you have good feedback. Been burned twice and I am not looking to get burned a third time.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the adds and Lets Go Yankees!


Tough Town, eh?

Game 6 is tonight and NYC is electric. Pettitte vs Pedro looks like it's going to be a good one. I'm sure the crowd at Yankee Stadium will be fired up, even more so with the chance of not only winning a 27th world championship, but beating the hated Pedro in the process. To me, the two keys to winning this game will be Teixeira finally hitting and getting to that Philly bullpen. I would match up the Yankees pen against theirs any day of the week, and twice on sunday. Their pen has been shaky this whole series and I don't think it will right it self this series. I said Yankees in 6 at the beginning and I hope the Yankees can make me look like a genius :D

My ttm drought ended today with former Knick Dick Mcguire returning the 2 custom cards I sent him last week. I'll post pics tonight and of my recent adds to my PC's. I had an idea for hockey customs and will work on them while watching the game tonight.

Enjoy the game and Let's Go Yankees!

Monday, November 2, 2009


One Win Away! Great win last night. Arod came through in the clutch, heads up baserunning by Johnny Damon and Mo to close it out= a win closer to world series championship #27. Hopefully, AJ can close it out for us tonight although if Cliff Lee is on again, it will be tough. I wouldn't mind seeing the Yankees win at home, but would rather not let Philly even sniff a chance to get back into the series. Pettitte is not great on three days rest and Pedro might be looking for a chance at revenge. Just finish them off tonight!
Over the weekend I recieved my Brian Gionta SP Authentics auto via ebay for the Devils auto PC. I gotta find time to post pics of my adds. After the world series, I should be able to have the time to.
Friday night, I went to try to get Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig to sign a Wolverine poster and Quantum of Solice Poster respectively. I was told by the guy in front (not sure if he's security or an usher) that they won't sign. I decided to take the chance and low and behold he was right. Jackman was right in front of me as he shook hands with some of the crowd and actually looked at the poster, but walked away. Very disapointing. Craig just smiled, waved and walked away. Darn. Oh well, Craig signs TTM in care of the theather, so I'll send the poster tomorrow. Jackman, I'll take the chance as well. My buddy talked me into walking over to where Bye Bye Birdie is playing for a chance at Gina Gershon. I went so the evening wasn't a total waste. Lo and behold, she never came out. I called it a night at 11pm. When I got home, my friend texted me and told me she had left an hour prior to us getting there. I guess I'll mail the 8x10 of Gershon as well.
Let's Go Yankees!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Game 2 goes to NY. Great pitching dual yesterday. I dispise him, but I have to give the devil his due, Pedro pitched a hell of a ballgame yesterday and was certainly good enough to win. AJ pitched terrific as well, attacking batters, getting a lot of first pitch strikes and pitching quick innings. Where the heck was this the regular season though? oh well, if he helps the Yankees to a world championship, all will be forgiven. At least he was healthy all year long. My boy Tex came out of his slump nicely and Godzilla roared as well. Game three should be a good one with Hammels against Pettitte. Hopefully it won't be a football score at Citizen's Bank on Saturday.
Got an ebay win yesterday, 2009-10 Upper Deck Eddy Curry auto. Needed it for my Knicks PC. If only he'd drop some weight and gets back on the floor. Last time I saw him, he looked like Mamma from Mamma's Family. He had the neck butt going which is never a good sign for a guy that young. You start to think about his health first, playing ball second. Anyway, Knicks are in Charlotte to play the equally bad Bobcats. Here's hoping we can come to the Garden tomorrow night with a win.
Hopefully, I can get some pics of my recent adds this weekend. Let's Go Yankees!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


GAME ON!!!! Tonight, weather permitting, will be game one of the 2009 World Series. CC Sabathia against Cliff Lee. Their best pitcher against our best pitcher. A line up that hits for power vs a line up that hits for power. People, this could very well be one of the better World Series in years. This was the series I was hoping for. A battle of the best teams in baseball. My prediction: Yankees in 6. Both have powerful lineups. Both teams have the ability to come from behind to win games. Both have a tremendous home field advantage. I feel the Yankees have better starting pitching and a better bull pen and that will make the diffrence in this series. May the best team win.

I got a package today that had my Yankee cards from a group break of 2009 Topps Chrome. Amoung the highlights was 2 Ramiero Pena autographs and a Mark Melocen auto. Also a Blue Refractor Robinson Cano. The guy also added Meilky Cabrrea Bowman's Best auto, my second Meilky auto. I'll try posting pics tonight during the game. If the game gets grained out, I have the Knicks season opener and the Devils/Sabers game to watch.

I sent out 4 ttm requests to former Knicks Dick McGuire, Richie Gueirn, Oscar Schectman and Harry Gallatin. Custom cards were sent to all. Hope to report successes soon.

Enjoy the game everyone. Let's Go Yankees!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I haven't been recieving any TTm's. In a bit of a dry spell right now. I did go to Duane Reede during my lunch break to print out the customs I made over the course of the past few days. Hopefully, they came out well and I'll get them sent out tomorrow. I have to write up some letters tonight when I get in from my appointment at a perspective school. Then I have a group break also tonight with one of my Hockey groups. Hopefully I can get a Broduer pulled for the PC.

Tomorrow promises to be a great day. Yankees/Phillies World Series Game 1, Knicks season opener and the Devils skate off against the Sabers at the Rock. The Devils are selling signed pucks for charity for 25.00 bucks a pop. The first time they did this last season, it was a mad house. They're was no restrictions on how many pucks you could purchase, so there were people paying a couple of hundred to try and get a Brodeur or Stevens or Parise auto'ed puck. Alot of people got shut out and boy, were they mad. I read on the Devils message board I belong to, www.njdevs.com, that a bunch of people were storming mad. I didn't get shut out though. After waiting in line all afternoon for tix and being one of the first at the door, my paitence netted me a....Johnny Oduya auto. Not bad, I did need him for my small collection of Devils signed pucks, but not the one I wanted. I'll be parked in my apt, watching Game 1 and the Knicks season opener, but had the Yankees not made the series, I would have been in Newark.

Hopefully, something will come in this week. If not, I'll post some of my collection to past the time. Untill next time, LET'S GO YANKEES!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Made a few decisions today. I need to dedicate more time to this blog. It could be a fantastic blog showing off my collection and what I get to add to it, plus how I come across it and a new way to make friends. Between work and trying to get back into school, I have had the chance until now to update. That's gonna change. I was reading up on some other blogs and saw how great they were and decided to focus more on this blog. So, on days I don't get anything, I'll still update with thoughts about my teams, and just updates on my life.

I got into a discussion with my buddy Mark, who is also an autograph collector and he was trying to encourage me to think outside the box when it comes to my collection. He suggested I try to get other players as well. I just don't see the point of doing so, unless they are HOF'ers or players I admire. I'm going to need the room to display my pieces and honestly, I probably wouldn't enjoy an auto of a guy like Rance Mullinicks as opposed to Wayne Tollison. Tollison played for the Yankees and that's one of the teams I collect. If I knew a friend that would enjoy the auto or if he had a Mcfarlane, then I would consider it. One thing I do want to do is expand into the world of entertaiment. I'm a huge comic guy, who loves Spiderman and Batman. I sent off a poster of Amazing Fantasy #15 to Stan Lee and in a few months it was returned, signed in black on the bottom. It's one of my more prized posessions. I also wanted to start a muti signed Dark Knight Poster piece and sent off to Aaron Ekhardt in Febuary, but still haven't recieved it back. I may want to pick up another poster and just send to the two I know who do sign, Christan Bale and Michael Caine.

Anyway, I will post more often and hopefully pick up some readers along the way and make some new friends.

Take care and Go Yankees!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Post

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here on blogger. Allow me to tell you all a little about myself.

My name is Mike. I was born, raised and still residing in The Bronx. I am a die hard Yankees, Jets, Knicks and Devils fan. I collect sports cards, autographs, McFarlanes, memorbilia and anything else that has to do with my favorite teams. I am part of a group of people that collect cards of our favorite baseball teams. We started out when the Beckett message boards used to be fun. We break packs and boxes and send cards of teams to the collectors and vice versa. It's a fun, tight knit group. Because of their generosity, my Yankees cards number somewhere over 10,000.

I wanted to have a place to blog about what I get from the group, through trades, autos through the mail or in person or random purchases I may make. So here I will post what I get and post pictures as well. I hope to make friends through this community that last a long time and possibly add to my collection. Please always feel free to comment on what you read here. I look forward to posting and reading what you all have to add.

TTFN, Ta ta for now.