Saturday, June 30, 2012

Package From The Relm Of Coolness

Very rarely has my geekiness been touched by coolness, but that's what happened when I made a deal on some figures with Brian from Cool And Collected. He's become a mentor and a friend so I was super happy to pick up some figures from him. If your not reading his blog, shame on you. Here's the link in case you need it:

A nice sized box was waiting for me at the post office today. After the gym, I bought it home and opened it up. Here's what was inside:

Oooooooh, look at all the goodies I got today. That group shot was a you know what to take.

Some new Batman stuff for the Batman PC. Would you believe that's my first Christian Bale Batman figure? Heck, I'm shocked myself. That vinyl Batman piece is awesome in person.

Gotta have some Jokers for Batman to tangle with. I love that Brave And Bold Joker. The art on that show was awesome. I'm just sorry it's off the air now. I'll just have to pick up the seasons on DVD.

A new add to the Spidey collection. Not sure if this is a Lego Spidey as it's a bit too large for Lego, yet it has the holes in the back and under the feet to put him on the blocks. Still, a cool figure to add to the collection.

Grabbed this Captain America as well. Will go into the small Avengers PC I will have. I have a Marvel Legends Cap that this will go very nicely with.

I saw these 2 Iron Man Super Hero Squadron figures and I just had to have them. Love the Mark I figure and the classic Iron Man taking off. My favorite Iron Man outfit is, I think, the Mark III, which was the horned like helmet he wore for a spell just before this one. But I have love for this armor as it's the suit Tony Stark wore as I was growing up. Iron Man has quickly become my third favorite hero and I am starting a PC for him as well. These 2 figures wll go great in the collection.

Grabbed this Allen Scott Green Lantern before one one my other fellow Leaguers did. This is one sweet looking figure and will go nice on the shelf with the Green Lantern and Sinestro movie figure I picked up at Super Mega Show. The Super Powers Flash is well loved, but I couldn't pass up a Barry Allen figure to go into my small JLA collection.

Brian also threw in some freebies. I've never had Pogs before. I'm sure I can figure out something to do with these.

He also threw in some Garbage Pail Kids cards, an unopened pack of Dinosaurs Attack and his business card. Very cool freebies.

I want to thank Brian for an awesome deal, one that was not a drain on the wallet, yet enabled me to add some awesome swag to the collections. I can't wait for the next deal. I have my eye on a certain piece in his ecrater for a PC I'm working on. I'm also waiting for him to open a few more boxes. I'm sure I will have another unboxing soon. Can't wait.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Toy Prices Are Crazy

The other day, I was in Walmart in White Plains, NY. I went in to see if they had something I had heard was released and there it was: The Walmart Exclusive Avengers Iron Man figure. I saw a becon of light shine down on it and heard angels singing. I knew I had to have it.

Ever since I saw the first Iron Man movie, I had wanted to start a small Iron Man collection. The character has rapidly become my third favorite superhero behind Spidey and Batman, yet I hadn't picked up anything to start the collection, save a round Iron Man head....thing I got from a gumball machine. I wanted the Avengers Walmart Exclusive Iron Man figure to be the one that kicked off the PC. I grabbed it off the peg and started walking to the register. I looked down to admire the figure in it's packaging. The head sculpt, the battle damage, the 16.99 price tag....

(Record Screetching)

16.99 price tag????

My jaw dropped when I saw the price. 16.99? I thought Walmart was supposed to be the home of awesome prices. What do they think I am, a Kardashian? Out of disgust, I put the figure back.

A few days later, I took a trip to Toys R Us in Midtown Manhattan. Always a treat to go there. The crowds, the tourists blocking the aisles to take pictures of the huge dinosuar, the workers hawking the little helicopter that magically flies or trying to stop you and snap a photo where you have to pay close to 20.00 for it. But, I digress.

I walked by and saw the new Dark Knight Rises Movie Master figures and quickly grabbed Batman and Bane and looked at the prices. 21.99 each. Are you kidding me? I turned around and saw they also had the mini 1966 Batmobile, Super Friends Batmobile and Comic Book Batmobile boxset that would have intregued me until I noticed the 29.99 price tag on it. I ran out of the store wondering, have the toy companies gone insane?

I knew something was up when Target or Toys R Us would charge close to 10.00 for the 3 inch figures. I just didn't know they would go off the deep end on prices for 6-8 inch figures. But, if people want it bad enough, they will pay for it.

Look at Hot Toys. Yes, they are awesome, awesome figures. Stuff that I would love to have in my collection. The Michael Keaton Batman, Jack Nicholson Joker and the upcoming Luke Skywalker are figures that I would kill to own. But at 250.00 a pop and up, they are some figures I will have to live without in my collection. But collectors are grabbing them and the companies justify the price because of it.

I honestly have a limit when it comes to my toy spending. If its something I have to have and I have the money, I'll pick it up, within reason. I have been wanting the remote control 1966 Batmobile since I first saw it last year, but I don't want to pay 40.00 for it. I have been waiting to see if I find it cheaper elsewhere. When I bought the large 1966 Batmobile, I paid 10.00 for it at NYCC, not the 40.00 Toys R Us was asking. If you are paitent enough, you can find what your looking for at more reasonable price. I have my eye on a couple of loose Iron Man figures on ebay for less than the 17.00 Walmart is asking for.

Or you can do what I did and pay 22.00 for the Marvel Select Spiderman I saw last week. Silly man, when will I ever learn?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Movie Figure

After I got off work today, I stopped in at Forbiden Planet, which is a comic shop in Manhattan. I stop in from time to time to check out their selection. I usually shop at Midtown Comics, but sometimes I find a gem or 2 to take home. Today was one of those days.

Originally, I spotted the Marvel Select Iron Man Avengers Movie figure and drooled. I have to admit, Iron Man has grown on me since I saw the first Iron Man movie and I have been wanting to start a small Iron Man collection  for sometime and thought this might be the first addition to start that PC. Then I saw this on a peg

So this was the gem I took home. I'm pretty sure I will be picking up that Iron Man figure next week.

Once I got home, I turned on the Yankee game and saw that Andy Pettitte gave up 5 runs in the 1st inning. I turned to opening the figure to find some joy.

For the 1st shot, I put him on the wall that came with the figure. Is there such a thing as too much articulation? The darned thing won't stand up on its own.

Close up of the head sculpt, which is pretty nice. Just don't like the yellow eyes. Makes Spidey look like he's sickly.

To get this view of his back I had to prop him up against the wall. Couldn't get his body stiff enough to stand on it's own.

On the plus side, he's pretty poseable as long as he's not standing. Pew, pew!

Figure comes with an extra set of hands which is a bitch to change. Not sure why they chose fists. Open hands would have been a good call here. With the articulation this figure has, he could be crouched down in a classic Spidey pose if he had the open hands.

Put em up, put em up!

This will probably be the only figure I pick up from the movie line. I hate what they did to the classic costume and really don't see the need to add any other figures from the line, although if a 8 inch figure is released like were released with Thor, Captain America and The Avengers I might be persuaded to grab that. I knew I was picking this figure up when I saw it in Previews a few months back.

The figure has more articulation than any other figure I've ever seen before. The paint job and sculpt is very well done. I would have liked there to have been a stand at the bottom of the wall with pegs there as well so he could have been posed standing rather than just on the wall. A pair of open hands would have been great as well either with the set of fists or instead of.

It's a well made figure with just a bit too much articulation. Granted, I usually dont have a figure that has a moveable pelvis, so maybe I'm not the best authority on the subject of articulation. Putting aside my strong dislike of the costume, I'll give this figure a thumbs up and say it would be a great addition to any Spider-Man collection.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

League Assignment: Kurt Russell

So, this weeks assignment from the League is to write a blog about the one and only Kurt Russell. When I saw this assignment I did a double take and wondered what I was going to write about. I mean, I like his work and all, but in no way am I a huge fan. So, I decided to look at his body of work. I noticed I seen more of his movies than I realized, so this blog is a simple one.

Here, submitted for your approval, is my Top 5 Favorite Kurt Russell Movies

5-The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

When I was a kid many, many moons ago, Kurt was a Disney actor and this movie was one that was shown at my school ad nausiem. Not that I dislike this movie, which I guess you can call a Sci Fi movie. In it, Russell plays a college student who becomes a human computer while putting in a replacement computer during a thunderstorm in which he gets an electric shock. The computer he was putting in was donated by a wealthy business man who used it for illigal activity. Because of the electric shock, Russell's character, get's all of the illigal data and recites it on TV. Of course that infuriates the business man and he has Russell kidnapped.

As a kid, I enjoyed the movie and haven't seen it since. This is one of those lazy weekend afternoon movies where you park yourself on the couch and put in the dvd and get taken away to the Magical World of Disney


Russell is so good as Elvis in this 1979 mini series that you would have thought he was Elvis. ABC got high ratings for this mini series and Russell was nominated for a Emmy for his work on it. Funny thing, Russell played the kid in It Happened At The World's Fair that kicks Elvis.

3-Big Trouble In Little China

This movie might have bombed at the box office, but for us 80's kids, it was a huge hit for us. Russell's portrayl of Jack who thinks he's Indiana Jones, but is really a screwup, was fun to watch. I would have loved a Jack Burton figure with the Porkchop Express truck to have been released. Loved when Burton shot his gun into the air only to be knocked out by the chunks of concrete that fall on his head thanks to the bullets.

2-Escape From New York

This is a surprise to many, I'm sure. Don't get me wrong, I love this movie. Russell's Snake Plissken is one bad dude. He has to save the President in a crime ridden America in 1997 and recover a secret cassette and he gets a full pardon. This was another film he did with John Carpenter and many feel it's their best together.


The hockey nut in me had to make this number one and with good reason. Russell is awesome as USA Hockey coach Herb Brooks who coaches Team USA to a Gold Medal against the heavily favored Soviet team in the 1980 Olympics. As a kid, that was the game that got me intrested in hockey. To this day, I still get chills when I hear Al Michaels call of "Do You Believe In Miracles?" Disney did a great job with this movie. If and when I write a blog of my all time favorite sports films, this movie will be on that list.

There were other movies that could have made this list like Tango And Cash or 3,000 Miles To Graceland, but for me, these were the Kurt Russell movies that I can watch over and over again. Now that I look at the list, he has had an impressive career. I'm curious to see what he does next.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

This Week's League's Assignment: Realty TV Treasure Hunters

This week's assignment from The League Of Extraordinary Blogger is a real simple one for me. The assignment:

Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Hollywood Treasure, Storage Wars, Toy Hunters, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings — the list of reality TV treasure hunting shows goes on and on. If you could spend a week with the crew from one of these shows (or one that I missed) who would it be?

I almost went with Comic Book Men on this one cause I could totally see myself hanging out with Walt, Mike, Ming and Bryan, but then I realized, this is a TV Treasure Hunters question. So, with that in mind, I'm going to go with the show about 90% of The League is probably going with

Storage Wars is the first of these Treasure Hunter shows I got hooked on and it's the one I watch still more than any of the others. I love watching to see what these guys are going to bid on, what they win and the interaction with each other. From Brandi getting pissed at Jarrod for bidding on crap to Dave and Darryl seriously disliking each other (which may or may not be real) to Barry just being Barry, which is probably my favorite part of the show.

Oh Barry, you crazy nut. From your dressing like a bum to you hiring psychics and then hiring a midget on stilts, the stuff this guy has pulled off from day one on the show, to me makes him the most intresting of the bunch. The thing I like about Barry the most is he's a collector and hunts to quench his hunger to add to his collection.

I like Darryl. He's a tough guy, but will drop words of wisdom when its needed. Like when Jarrod bought a locker with an empty safe, Darryl told Jarrod that the SAFE is what's going to make Jarrod money. Darryl knows the business and I think I could learn a lot by hanging out with him. I'd love to toss back a few beers with Darryl after as well.

Ok, Jarrod seems like he's a pretty cool guy whom I'd probably get along with well, but oh that Brandi. Hot, hot and too hot. I don't think I could hang out with them cause I would lose focus on biding on lockers cause I'd be too busy staring at Brandi. I do love Brandi for something other than her bodacious bod and it's because she found Megos. And not just any Megos, mind you. There was the expensive ones, in package or on card. I saw the expensive Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Thor, and one that is a white whale for me, a circle suit Spider-Man. Brandi, you make my heart sing.

Here's the reason why my stay on Storage Wars would be a short one. Dave Hester. His smug personality, his annoying habbit of bidding the price up and walking away just to assert his dominace and that skreeching YUPPPPPPPPPP of his. I probably would have stuffed him in a locker first show and that would have been it for me. He reminds me of too many people who think they are better then everyone else. But, then again, it might just be an act. Highly doubtful though.

As much as I would like to think the cast members would welcome me with open arms and teach me the tricks of the trade, I'd probably be viewed as just another threat or Johnny Come Lately. Therefore, I'd probably buy the worst locker there and I'd have to start my own show, "Mike's Bunch Of Crap" which would be cancelled in 2 weeks flat, leaving me in a roadside ditch.

I'll stick to watching the show at home, oggling Brandi like a dirty old man. Heh heh heh.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super Mega Show Report

This past weekend, I attended Super Mega Show in Whippany, NJ. Adam West, Burt Ward and Lee Meriweather headlined the show and I wanted to be there. For the longest time I had wanted to start a Batman The Movie project. I never really persued it because Burgess Meredith, Cesar Romero, Alan Naiper, Neil Hamilton had already passed and I never was able to meet Frank Gorshin. When he passed, I kinda gave up on the project. Seeing that the remaining 3 were appearing got my gears turning. When I learned that there would be Bat vehicles as well as the Delorean from Back To The Future there I was sold.

My buddy George and I arrived at the Hotel the show was being held at about 9:30. As VIP ticket holders, we could enter at 9:45, but we decided to check out the vehicles and grab some grub before going in.

Check out the inside of this Batmobile

The car was signed by both Adam West and Burt Ward

The back of the car


Unfortunately, the Deloran never showed but that didn't damper our spirits. We were here to buy some collectables and meet the stars of Batman The Movie.

We went inside and found the stuff being sold way over priced, which was a bummer. My buddy managed to pick up a few things, but I kept it cheap. I did pick up a few things, which I'll show later.

I think Brian from Cool and Collected would have loved this poster

On Saturday, only Adam West and Lee Meriweather was appearing, so before hand I went and bought a print of the Batman The Movie poster for the three to sign. I should have checked before buying because when I was in front of Mr. West and I went to pull the poster from it's protective case I was horrfied to learn that the paper used was really flimsy, not the sturdy cardstock I was used to with these 11 X 17 prints. I was already in front and I wasn't in the mood to argue with the dealer who sold me the print, so I had Adam sign it anyway, then Lee. Both were very nice. I was a bit concerned about West as I had heard he could be a bit abrasive. But on this day, he was real cool even fist bumping my friend. Lee Meriweather was an absolute sweetheart, talking to me for a few minutes and actually taking the time to try and find a good spot to sign.

After getting the signatures we wanted (my friend also picked up Linda Thorson from the Avengers TV Show), we took another spin on the small dealer area and called it a day.

We returned Sunday for Burt Ward. Here was the line that greeted us.

Everyone got the other 2 and was back for Ward only. We waited a while and finally saw both Adam and Burt walk in together...with a few people between them. Seems that they still aren't on speaking terms. If you can see in the pic above, Meriweather sat in between them.

Ward was alo very nice. I told him I followed his Gentle Giants foundation on Twitter and he gave me the link to the website. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll post it in the comments section. Also, the man has a firm handshake.

Again, after getting the autograph we wanted, we roamed around for a bit, then left to see the Avengers, had dinner and called it a day.

Here is the poster I got signed

Adam West's signature

Lee Meriweather

Burt Ward

Before I show off the goodies, I'd like to explain why there are no pics of the three signing the poster. I wasn't allowed to take any pictures. The show had photo ops at a certain time and that was another price on top of what you already paid for the autographs. You couldn't even step off to the side and take a pic because I heard Burt Ward was notorious for snitching and having you thrown out of the convention. As far as pics of the tables, there honestly wasn't much to show you guys.

Here's what I did pick up.

I picked up these Green Lantern and Sinestro 3 inch figures from the movie series for a buck each. I saw Killowag and forgot to go back for him.

Another dollar purchase was this Roddy Piper pin from the late 80's. I actually had this pin at one time and it got all bent out of shape as I wore it on my denim, then leather jacket. This one will stay on the card. Nice addition to the Piper PC

I remember seeing this Luke Skywalker Soakie bottle as a kid and never getting it. I love these bubble bath/shampoo bottles that are shaped like diffrent characters and if it's vintage, I love it even more. I have been looking for a 1960's Batman Soakie bottle and have been eyeballing a Superman on ebay. In fact, we saw the Superman at the show, but neither one of us was paying 100.00 bucks for it. So, for a cool ten spot, I had a vintage Luke Skywalker Soakie to add to my Star Wars PC.

This was not even picked up at the convention. After leaving Saturday, we hit a Target because I had heard the new Batman Hot Wheels were out and I want the 1966 Batcopter. Unfortunately, the Batcopter eluded me, but I picked up this Batmobile for the collection. I want an army of Batmobiles to do my bidding. Batmobiles, pick me up a cheeseburger. Batmobiles, find the remote. Well, you get the idea.

I have never been confused as a smart man. I left behind a 12 inch Chewbacca figure from 1978, complete with man purse and gun. The guy was asking 35 bucks for it. Should have grabbed it. Same dealer had a vintage 1970's Batman alarm clock that I have been wanting...since the 1970's and it still worked. He was asking 50.00 for it. I said no thanks, but was secretly hoping it would be there Sunday and I would try to barter him down to 30-35.00. But, alas, it was not there Sunday. He told me sold it right before he closed his table for the night. Again, not a smart move on my part. Oh well, theres always ebay.

To be honest, I was pretty disapointed with the show. The dealer area was very small and it was in the same room as the signings so if you were on line for an autograph, chances were you were getting bumped into by people trying to look at the tables the lines were blocking. As for the dealers, they really had nothing great. I was hoping to score a few goodies for the collections and came away with a lot less than I had hoped. The stuff that was there that I might have been intrested was way to pricey and sometimes not in the best shape for what they were asking. Some dude had a 1980's LJN Roddy Piper figure, on card and was asking 50.00 for it. Upon further inspection, you can see the face was terrible faded due to sun exposure. No thanks, Chief.

Hopefully, next years show will be better. In the meantime, I will send my Batmobiles to fetch me a pizza pie.

Friday, June 8, 2012

League Assignment: My Top Ten Favorite Movies

So, I'm sitting down at McDonald's, about to take a bite of my Quarter Pounder with Cheese and my cell phone goes off. There is a voice mail alert, so I opt to listen to it before I tear into my burger. I hear a voice, male, speaking of an assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. The recording says: "Mr. Phelps (Who's Phelps?), The past couple of weeks, you have been absent from the League. This week however, the task is a rather simple one. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to list your top ten favorite movies, no matter how weird or out there they may be. This phone will self destruct in ten seconds."

11 seconds later, I and everyone else is clearing the McDonalds due to smoke and fire. Who do I send the bill to for the new phone I bought?

So, listing my ten favorite movies was a lot harder than I thought. Movies I thought would be on this list, was pushed aside for a movie I could just watch over and over again. So, I have quite the eclectic list of sci fi, comedies, dramas, classic and not so classic movies. What's weird to me personally, as much as a superhero fan I am, there is only 1 superhero movie on my list and it's not the one you think it might be.

So, with out further ado, I give you my list:

10-Mall Rats

The second of Kevin Smith's movies happens to be my favorite of his. This movie had comic book references, cookies, love lost, chocolate covered pretzles, Three's Company boobies and Stan Lee. What should have been an Academy Award winning picture instead tanked at the box office. But is now considered a cult classic and people all over are familir with the phrase, "Snoochie Boochies"

9-The Apartment

The first of 3 Jack Lemmon movies that made my list. Lemmon is one of my all time favorite actors and this movie has him at his best. In this movie, he plays C.C. Baxter, an office worker at an insurance in NYC, who allows some of his higher ups use of his apartment for their affairs. In turn, they write glowing reviews about C.C, which raise the suspicions of the personnel director, Mr. Sheldrake (Played by Fred MacMurry), who allows the promotion C.C was given to go through, provided Mr. Sheldrake is the only one using the apartment for HIS affairs. During all this, C.C is vying for the affections of Miss Kublick, played by Shirley McLaine. During the company Christmas party, C.C. accidently finds out that Miss Kublick is the one Mr. Sheldrake is seeing. Cheating husbands, corporate politics, backstabbing and Gin Rummy, aside from wonderful performances, a well written and directed movie, make this a must see movie.

8-Sunset Blvd

Another Billy Wilder movie makes my list (Wilder has 3 movies in total on my list). In Sunset Boulevard, Norma Desmond is an aging, forgotten silent movie star, who is plotting her comeback with a film she wrote. Joe Gillis is a struggling writer who accidently winds up in the employ of Norma, fixing the script she wrote. As Joe works on her script, Norma falls in love with Joe and lures him into her fantasy world that her butler, Max, helped create by writing her "fan letters" and claiming "Madame is the greatest actress who has ever lived". This movie proved to be a comeback for Gloria Swanson, who was a silent movie actress and a breakthrough role for William Holden.

7-The Odd Couple

In what would be Jack Lemmon's and Walter Matthau's second film pairing, The Odd Couple would be the one they are most remembered for. 2 divorced men, one a neat freak who is a great cook and the nicest guy and the other a slob who enjoys beer, sports and women, decide to share an apartment, but before long one gets on the other's nerves. This is also the only movie on my list that the New York Mets are featured in.

6-Superman The Movie

The only superhero movie on my list and it's not a Spider-Man or Batman film. Although The Avengers was an awesome, awesome movie, I still consider this picture to be the greatest superhero movie ever made. No one could or has played Superman as well as Christopher Reeve has. This movie is the blueprint on how to make a successful comic book movie without being too campy. Still holds up 34 years after it's release.

5-Star Wars

One of the first movies to capture my imagination as a kid. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker, battling Darth Vader, shooting at Stormtroopers, swinging Leia to saftey while learning the ways of The Force. Heck, I still want to be Luke. The bad ass Luke that is a Jedi Knight with the cool black outfit and green lightsaber he made himself because he lost his when his dad chopped off his hand during a family spat. That actually sounds more like a Montell Williams special rather than one of the many plots of arguably, the greatest Sci-Fi franchise ever, with apologies to all you Trekies.

4-Some Like It Hot

Ok, ok. I promise this is the last time you will see Jack Lemmon or a Billy Wilder movie on this list. But really, this movie, even today, is just so funny. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are so funny together that one wonders why they never made another picture together. Marilyn Monroe is soooooooo hot in this movie and plays the dumb blonde so well. This is one of those movies I can just watch over and over again.

3-A Hard Days Night

The Beatle-maniac in me loves this movie. It had catchy tunes, funny moments and who knew the Beatles could pull off a feature film and pull it off so well. What was billed as a "Day In The Life of The Beatles" was more like a Marx Brothers movie with a Rock n Roll soundtrack and British accents. Wilfrid Brambell, who plays Paul's Grandfather almost steals the show. All four Beatles have their moments in the spotlight as they encounter advertising exectutives, neurotic television directors, fans, their manager and grumpy train passengers. To me, the best Rock n Roll movie ever made.

2-Pride Of The Yankees

Yep, any chance I get to slip my Yankees into my blog I will take. But seriously, if you have not seen this movie, you need to be hit. Hit hard with a blunt object. This movie, as Triple H might say, it's that damn good. So good that I was toying with the idea of making this my favorite movie of all time. Gary Cooper is spectacular as Lou Gehrig, the iconic Yankee who ultimately dies of ALS, or to what's commonly called these days as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The movie follows Gehrig from his childhood days in NY, his college days, where he looks like an older Gary Cooper, to his days as a Yankee and ends with his famous speech at Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth, Bill Dickey, Mark Koenig and Bob Meusel are former Yankee teamates of Gehrig's who play themselves in the movie. Teresa Wright shines as Elenor Gehrig as well as Elsa Janssen and Ludwig Stossel as his parents. The movie does take some Hollywood liberties, but it's still a touching story of a remarkable baseball player and an even more remarkable human.

1-Back To The Future

Ok, maybe this movie is not as good as some I have previously mention. Maybe it's not as well recieved or won as many awards. Who cares?? It's my list and I say it's my all time favorite movie. It has all the elements of a great movie: Comedy, skateboarding, a love story, music, conflict and the best looking time machine ever invented. This was the movie I drove my family crazy watching on the old VHS machines that doubled as the family car. I watched over and over and over again. I was careful not to break the tape as a movie back then cost a lot more than they do now. I was in Jr High at the time and started skateboarding to school cause Marty did it, even though I was never really any good at it and almost killed myself going down a huge hill near where I lived. I wish Universal would revive this franchise somehow ( an animated feature with the original actor's voices perhaps?) and Mattel, where the heck are our Back To The Future toys?? I can't get enough of this movie. In fact, I want to watch it right now, never mind the fact that it's 2 am and I have work in the morning.

So, that's my list. Check out the other League members lists and see how they stack up to mine or even yours

All comments are appreciated. I'd love to know what your list is, so leave it in the comments section. It may not be the best list, but it's my list, all mine! Mwhahahahahaha!