Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cross Another One Off The Checklist

In terms of acquiring new items for my various collections, 2013 was a solid year for yours truly. I managed to knock off a few items I had on my must have lists, vintage and contemporary. I made a promise to myself that 2014 would be more of the same. I still have my checklists for things I would like to add to my various collections. With all the conventions, flea markets and shows I try to attend, I hope to make a huge dent on those checklists.

Back in July, I posted a blog about the top 5 Batman figures I wanted to pick up for my Batman collection.I was able to cross off the DC Direct Super Friends Batman figure and thanks to a gift card my sister got for me as a Christmas gift, I was able to knock another off that list and it's a figure I have been wanting for a while now.

I finally have the DC Collectibles New 52 Batman figure and It's such a cool looking figure. I have read a few of the New 52 titles. I've read the first arcs of The Justice League, Superman and The Flash, but for my money, the best title in the DC Universe is the Batman book. I enjoyed the Court Of Owls Vol 1 and The Death Of The Family so much. When I saw that Batman would be made into a figure, I knew I had to have him.

When I picked up the figure, the first thing I noticed was the front of the box. I liked that it looked like a comic page being turned to revel the figure behind it. Whoever designed the box should be given points for originality.

On one side of the box shows a picture of the figure that was purchased, which is based on the art of Jim Lee. It also gives props to the designer of the figure, in this case is Jack Matthews.

The other side has a silhouette of the Caped Crusader. Very nice graphic. I like the shadow effect with the eyes and the bat symbol whitened out.

The back of the box has some info regarding the comic and shows off the figures coming out in this particular wave,which in this case is Aquaman and Green Lantern. The back also shows the rest of the figures in this Super, I mean Justice League line.

Now there is a Batman. Upon first glances at this figure in stores before I finally picked it up, I realized I liked this figure a lot. Now that I have it out of the box I can say I really, really like this figure a lot. The paint on this figure is unreal. The grey is a perfect back drop to the the black that just pops out at you.

Looking closer at this figure, the sculpt on it is just fantastic. I love who this figure captures the lines on the suit just like in the comics. Although you probably can't see thanks to the flash on my camera, I can assure you that the face sculpt is awesome. Jack Matthews did a fantastic job sculpting this figure.

The back of the figure shows of the cape, which is a one piece made of a rubbery plastic material attached to the figures shoulders. Like the figure itself, Matthews did a fantastic job sculpting the cape. I love the folds on it and it even has a couple of folds on either side of the cape. The coolest thing about it is how the back just drapes behind and just lies on the ground.

Now, if our looking for a massively articulated figure, I would advise you to keep on looking. There is a bend at the knees, elbows and there is a biceps swivel and that's it.

The head doesn't turn side to side, there is no movement in the fingers or toe and no hip swivel. To be honest with you, it really doesn't detract form how cool this figure is. Then again, I have never been a huge fan of too much articulation on my figures. I find that it makes them hard to stand. If I was putting them in action poses, then I could see a use for them, but I really don't pose my figures.

Now, if I had to take away marks from this figure, it would be the lack of a base and accessories. This figure is one of the more expensive ones I have picked up. Would it have killed DC to have added a batarang or two? How about a base? I do like my figures in an upright position, but considering the lack of articulation on this bad boy I don't feel that will be an issue.

Despite the lack of articulation, base and accessories, I have to say that this figure might be one of my favorites in my Batman collection. Definitely in my top five favorites. I feel it captures the spirit of the New 52 comics perfectly. Great sculpt, great paint job, great figure, period. One I feel that should be in every Bat collection.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Holy 1966 Batman News, Batman!

Of course my first post of 2014 would be something Batman related. I mean, did you really think I would post something about some new Smurf figures? Bwhahahahaha. That's a good one.

By now, you all must have heard the news that was broke Conan O'Brien on his Twitter page (how did Conan get the scoop anyway?) and was confirmed by Warner Brothers, we are FINALLY getting the classic 1966 Batman series on DVD and Blu-Ray, although Blu-Ray has yet to be officially confirmed. But you would think that it would be released on Blu-Ray along side it's DVD brethren.

Along side the episodes (which I pray are uncut), I hope we get a plethora of special features like a make of the series documentary, a look inside the Batmobile, a look inside the Bat Cave, a documentary on the villains and the guest stars who played them and maybe a documentary on the guest stars who appeared on the series just to look out the window and talk to the Caped Crusaders. I'm also hoping whatever we get has interviews with the actors who has passed like Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Eartha Kitt, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton, etc.

Right now, I am hearing it will be released as a set, which again, is not official. I'm sure it will also be available by season. Either way, I do not care. I am buying the set. I don't care what it costs me. This is probably the only series I would pay top dollar for. I've waited long enough for it's release. If there is a bonus by buying the set like a statue of Batman and Robin or exclusive figures, I would only run to my nearest Best Buy and throw my wallet at the cashier.

Now if we could only get the Green Hornet next.

We also got our first glimpse at Figures Inc's 1966 Batman figures. These are the figures that Mego should have released but never did.

As you can see, the first wave includes Batman, Robin, Joker and Riddler. Upon first glance, the figures almost look nothing like the actors who play them. The Joker figure seems to be the best looking of the bunch. That, however will not stop me from picking these up. I mean, they're not Hot Toys. They are supposed to look as close to how Mego might have released them although I doubt Mego would have gotten simple accessories like Batman's belt as close to how it really looks as Figures Inc did.

They are scheduled for release in April and are available for pre-order on for 26.99 each, 104.99 for the set. I am hoping for a Wave 2 with Catwoman, Penguin, Egg Head and maybe King Tut. I thought I seen a prototype for an Egg Head a few months back.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Batman and it seems like we will be celebrating it with a ton of cool stuff coming our way. I'm a bit behind on my Batman hauls, but I will be looking to catch up in 2014 and I know I will have a blast hunting it all down.

Lets just hope my credit card can stand the usage.