Sunday, February 26, 2012

League Assignment: Where Are They Now: Back To The Future

Ever wonder what happened to the characters of your favorite movie? I do. I have often wondered what the characters of my favorite movie, Back To The Future, did with themselves after the events of Part III. Unfortunately, due to Michael J. Fox's condition, we may never get a Back To The Future Part 4, but thanks to this weeks assignment from Brian over at Cool and Collected, I can imagine what became of the characters from Hill Valley.
Marty McFly became a successful musician, fronting The Pinheads to worldwide fame. Wrote legendary songs such as "1.21", "I'm Not Chicken" and their CD; "Flux Capacitor" is the all time best selling album in rock history. Is now focusing his energy in producing new artists for his label, "Hoverboard" Records
Doctor Emmit Brown is now a retired scientist, living in Hill Valley with his wife, Clara and their 2 children, Jules and Verne. He is still studying about the most puzzling species in the world, women.
George McFly is still writing Science Fiction novels, but is also now producing his stories for the big screen.
Lorraine McFly is still happily married to George McFly and has started a foundation for alcoholic mothers, who are bored with their lives.
Biff Tannen is still running is auto detailing business. But he actually had possession of his own time machine, which he used to go back in time to steal Marty's music and form his own band; "The Buttheads". Marty, Jules and Verne managed to go back in time to the point where Biff steals Marty's music and prevents it, while destroying Biff's time machine in the process. Biff went back to his business, manure free.
Jennifer married Marty before his music career took off, only to divorce him when he was caught in the company of several women. They briefly reconciled, but Jennifer realized it would be best if they parted friends. Jennifer is currently the CFO of Hoverboard Records and Marty's closest confidant.
Clara Brown has settled into the 20th century just fine as she became a teacher, then the principal over at Hill Valley High School.
Jules and Verne are now grown up and have taken over their father's studies. They now go back in time in the train for Doc's studies. They have gone back to the Prehistoric age, witnessed the birth of Christ and gone to the future to make sure Marty's kids don't grow up to be morons. Verne and Marty's daughter are currently seeing each other.
So many possibilities for more Back To The Future movies could be realized from here. But how? Reboot the franchise? Animation, so that Fox can reprise the role of Marty McFly? What do you guys think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mego Mondays-Batman

I've been wanting to show off my Mego collection for sometime, but never really got around to taking picks of the collection. I was to yesterday after seeing an episode of Comic Book Men where someone bought in their Mego Collection to sell that I finally got my Megos out and snapped a couple of pics. Not to pleased with the pics, but I'll do better before next week's Mego blog post.

This week, I show off The Batman, my favorite Mego. Spider-man is my favorite hero, but Batman is the absolute coolest hero Mego made. I mean, what's not to like about this bad boy? The cowl is awesome, the cape is cool, the emblem, belt and boots all rock like a hurricane. Ok, I can do without the oven mitt gloves, but as a kid, this was a must have for me. I remember playing with Batman for hours in my room with all my other action figures. And that was just last week.

I would like to say this is my original Batman from when I was a kid, but alas, it is not. I bought this in 2002 at the Big Apple Comic Con, back when the convention was in the basement of a church in the west 50's in Manhattan. the outfit, belt, and boots are original. The cape and gloves are repos bought from Dr.Mego, who had a booth set up there as well.

The figure is pretty cool, but I would like to upgrade at one point to a figure with all original parts and accessories. But finding one is hard. Especially without having to break the bank for one. I don't mind buying them loose as they display so nicely on a shelf.

The cool thing about Batman Megos is the stuff Mego released to go with the figure. Displaying the figure with a Batmobile or a Batcycle on a shelf wouldlook fantastic. Or, if you have the room and cash, you can pick up a Batcave to display. For those in a higher tax bracket, a Wayne Foundation might just be up your alley. Either way, you have a lot of options on what to pick up to display with your Batman and you can't go wrong either way.

I will admit that I do look at this figure and think back to my childhood and remember how much I loved this figure as a kid and how much I love it as an adult. But that's why I collect. I love feeling how I did as a kid and finding joy in something so simple as a action figure that is more than 30 years old is something that keeps me going everyday. When I feel like that, then I know I'm doing something right and that's all that counts.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Assignment from The League

One of my favorite pop culture blogs to read is Cool and Collected written by Brian Adams. No, not the Canadian pop singer. I actually like this Brian Adams. He's into King Kong, Planet of The Apes and other monkeys, what's not to like?
Anyway, he started up a group called the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, which I made sure I was a part of. Anything that has to do with blogging about pop culture and collecting toys and other memrobilia, I was there.
Each week, Brian will give us a topic and we League members have to come up with a blog that fits the topic. Last week was what we considered to be the best popcorn movie, which I picked 1.21 gigawatts of fun with Back To The Future. This week's topic, With unlimited space and money, what piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want in your man cave. To me, the answer is pretty simple.
Anyone who has read my past blogs knows how much I love the 1966 Batman series. If I could afford one, I would absolutely own a Batmobile from the show. To me, it's an iconic part of american pop culture. The Batmobile was designed and created by George Barris, who used a 1955 Lincoln Futura to build this masterpiece. I'm not a car person, but that car makes my heart jump each time I see it.
A car like that would have to be driven at least once and only once. Just to show off or fight crime (Hey you, put that grape back!) or pick up women (How You Doin?). I guess I'd have to build a Man Cave big enough to house it. Heck, maybe I'd actually could have a man cave similar to the bat cave from the series.

A place for my Batmobile, check. A place for all my toys, baseball cards, autographs and other goddies, check. 70 inch HDTV, blueray player, video games, check. English butler to bring me snacks and to tell me when the Commissioner is calling about yet another super villian is causing problems, check.

Ok, time to start making my first million so I can make this happen.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back To The Future: The Ultimate Popcorn Movie

The year was 1985 (duh!). I was in a student in JHS 141 in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. I was at the movies (don't remember which movie I saw that day) and saw a trailer for a movie that would become my all time favorite movie. The trailer wasn't much really. Just someone walking down a road, shot from the legs down. Kicking a tire, then opening a car door and climbing inside. Then, this individual started punching in numbers into a keypad and reached for a pair of sunglasses. Next shot is from outside the car door. The window opens up and you see Michael J. Fox inside the car. You hear a woman asking him, "How far are you going?" to which he responds, "About 30 years" Then the familiar Huey Lewis and The News "Back In Time" song kicks in and you see the title "Back To The Future" coming soon across the screen.

At first, it didn't strike me as a must see movie. I did enjoy Family Ties and thought Fox was hysterical in it, so I decided to see the movie when it came out. Heck, it had to be better than "Class of 1984", right?

Not only was it better, it was down right awesome. The story was original, the acting was great and the effects for it's time was phenominal. Ok, maybe it wasn't "Star Wars" phenominal, but it was pretty cool, regardless.

In case your not familiar with the plot of the movie (unless your 10 years old and under, you should know and any reason for not knowing is inexcusable), Fox plays Marty McFly, a teenager who is accidently sent back in time, from 1985 to 1955, in a time machine built out of a Delorean, built by his friend, Dr. Emmit Brown. There, he accidently bumps into his future dad, George, who is constantly bullied by Biff Tannen and his gang, and his future mom, Lorraine Baines, who falls in love with Marty. To get back to 1985, Marty enlists the help of Dr. Brown's 1955 counterpart and must get Lorraine to fall in love with George, all while keeping Biff from bullying George and pushing himself on Lorraine.

The film was the highest grossing movie of 1985, earning $380 million dollars worldwide. It won an Oscar for Best Special Effects and spawned 2 sequals. Most importantly, it became my all time favorite movie.

I was riding a skateboard to school almost daily after seeing this movie. Michael J. Fox became, and still is, one of my all time favorite actors. I drove my mom nuts by watching this movie on video tape just about every chance I got. I even played the soundtrack over and over again on my walkman.

There really hasn't been as much merchandise for this film as I would have liked to have seen. Yes, there has been Delorans of all diffrent sizes, T shirts, bubble gum cards, and even micro cars and gas station from Part II, but there never really has been a full scale line released for the movies. Once I heard Mattel had secured the rights, I was eagerly awaiting a time when I could add a Marty McFly figure to my collection. Or a Doc and Marty two pack along with the George and Loraine two pack. How about a skateboard made to look like a hover board? Of course, you release a Delorian or two, but I would love the train from Part III, which the bonus Clara figure. But so far, a SDCC diorama of the Clock Tower and Delorian released last year and a whole bunch of rumors. Come on, Mattel! The market is out there. Collectors want Back To The Future products. Get on the ball and get some stuff out there already.

As much as I loved this movie, there are fans out there even more fanatical about this film than I am. I'm pretty sure there are those reading this who love the movie as much, if not more than I do. When I saw the movie on the big screen for it's 25'th Anniversery, the theather was sold out, with very little advertising on Universal's end. Only the die hards knew about. It just goes to show that a movie that almost had Eric Stoltz as Marty (what a diffrent film that would have been) still is beloved after almost 30 years later and the original fans are introducing the film to a whole new generation of future Back To The Future fans. This is one of those movies that will last a lifetime.

Now, give us some toys, Mattel!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Artist Sketch

I had never even thought about starting a sketch book until I saw some other comic fans collections on various sites. I saw some amazing pieces drawn by some of comics top artists and some drawn by unknown artists who will probably have a shot at drawing for Marvel or DC at some point.
I started asking collectors how to start one and how much the various artists charge at comic cons. I learned that most artists will charge anywhere from 20.00 and up, depending on who the artist was. Plus, it was best to grab the artist early for the sketch as he might get a lot of appointments and have but so much time to do them.
Armed with that information, I stopped by Staples and picked up a sketch pad. The next day I was headed to the big one, New York Comic Con. And I had already picked out the artist I wanted my first sketch from and I knew I had to be one of the first people there too.
Tim Sale drew three of my favorite graphic novels; Batman, The Long Halloween, Batman, Dark Victory and Spiderman Blue. Having learned he was doing free sketches for about an hour, I made a bee line for his table as soon as I got in. He had not arrived as of yet, so I wated on a short line till his arrival. When the line started moving, I noticed I was the only one with a sketch pad. Everyone else was having comics signed, so I got to his table rather quickly. I told him I loved his work on Spiderman Blue and asked for a Spidey sketch. He was really nice and sketched the piece you see above. I also bought an awesome black and white lithograph of Gwen Stacy and Spidey, signed by Tim. That I will have framed and hung up as soon as I can.
Not sure about the sketch though. Do I hang it up, framed or leave it in the book? I'm almost leaning toward framed and hung, but since I have the litho, I might keep it in the book. We shall see.
Now, I need to pick out my next artist for my next sketch. Can't wait.