Sunday, February 26, 2012

League Assignment: Where Are They Now: Back To The Future

Ever wonder what happened to the characters of your favorite movie? I do. I have often wondered what the characters of my favorite movie, Back To The Future, did with themselves after the events of Part III. Unfortunately, due to Michael J. Fox's condition, we may never get a Back To The Future Part 4, but thanks to this weeks assignment from Brian over at Cool and Collected, I can imagine what became of the characters from Hill Valley.
Marty McFly became a successful musician, fronting The Pinheads to worldwide fame. Wrote legendary songs such as "1.21", "I'm Not Chicken" and their CD; "Flux Capacitor" is the all time best selling album in rock history. Is now focusing his energy in producing new artists for his label, "Hoverboard" Records
Doctor Emmit Brown is now a retired scientist, living in Hill Valley with his wife, Clara and their 2 children, Jules and Verne. He is still studying about the most puzzling species in the world, women.
George McFly is still writing Science Fiction novels, but is also now producing his stories for the big screen.
Lorraine McFly is still happily married to George McFly and has started a foundation for alcoholic mothers, who are bored with their lives.
Biff Tannen is still running is auto detailing business. But he actually had possession of his own time machine, which he used to go back in time to steal Marty's music and form his own band; "The Buttheads". Marty, Jules and Verne managed to go back in time to the point where Biff steals Marty's music and prevents it, while destroying Biff's time machine in the process. Biff went back to his business, manure free.
Jennifer married Marty before his music career took off, only to divorce him when he was caught in the company of several women. They briefly reconciled, but Jennifer realized it would be best if they parted friends. Jennifer is currently the CFO of Hoverboard Records and Marty's closest confidant.
Clara Brown has settled into the 20th century just fine as she became a teacher, then the principal over at Hill Valley High School.
Jules and Verne are now grown up and have taken over their father's studies. They now go back in time in the train for Doc's studies. They have gone back to the Prehistoric age, witnessed the birth of Christ and gone to the future to make sure Marty's kids don't grow up to be morons. Verne and Marty's daughter are currently seeing each other.
So many possibilities for more Back To The Future movies could be realized from here. But how? Reboot the franchise? Animation, so that Fox can reprise the role of Marty McFly? What do you guys think?


  1. Make the movie about the kids. Give Michael J Fox as little speaking parts in the movie as possible. Maybe he's dead in part four.

  2. I was thinking of that as well. But only have Fox show up at the end, not be dead.

  3. Something along those lines. I would like to see another sequel.

  4. At least the kid will be to old to pee his pants again. Did anybody ever hear about that?

  5. I'm absolutely on board with animation or CGI so Fox and Lloyd can easily reprise their roles. Great job.

  6. @ Corey; no, I haddn't heard that. What happened?

    Thanks for the comments everyone.