Monday, November 2, 2009


One Win Away! Great win last night. Arod came through in the clutch, heads up baserunning by Johnny Damon and Mo to close it out= a win closer to world series championship #27. Hopefully, AJ can close it out for us tonight although if Cliff Lee is on again, it will be tough. I wouldn't mind seeing the Yankees win at home, but would rather not let Philly even sniff a chance to get back into the series. Pettitte is not great on three days rest and Pedro might be looking for a chance at revenge. Just finish them off tonight!
Over the weekend I recieved my Brian Gionta SP Authentics auto via ebay for the Devils auto PC. I gotta find time to post pics of my adds. After the world series, I should be able to have the time to.
Friday night, I went to try to get Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig to sign a Wolverine poster and Quantum of Solice Poster respectively. I was told by the guy in front (not sure if he's security or an usher) that they won't sign. I decided to take the chance and low and behold he was right. Jackman was right in front of me as he shook hands with some of the crowd and actually looked at the poster, but walked away. Very disapointing. Craig just smiled, waved and walked away. Darn. Oh well, Craig signs TTM in care of the theather, so I'll send the poster tomorrow. Jackman, I'll take the chance as well. My buddy talked me into walking over to where Bye Bye Birdie is playing for a chance at Gina Gershon. I went so the evening wasn't a total waste. Lo and behold, she never came out. I called it a night at 11pm. When I got home, my friend texted me and told me she had left an hour prior to us getting there. I guess I'll mail the 8x10 of Gershon as well.
Let's Go Yankees!

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