Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the absence. Work has been a you know what. Plus, I really haven't been getting much in. I have gotten a few items, but much of the ttm's I sent out hasn't arrived yet. I'm beginning to wonder about Johnny Bower. He's usually good within a week and it's been a month and nothing has been returned. I'm wondering if my package got lost on it's way over or from there. Then again, Same with Kevin Weekes. I sent his in early Dec in care of Hockey Night In Canada and nothining yet. I'm wondering if it has to do with customs. I sent both a puck in their packages along with the customs. I hear of some people just stamping up the envelope and sending it out rather than dealing with the customs slip. I may try that next time. Weekes is not the concern. I'd like to add Bower to my small, but growing HOF puck collection.

I'll try to post pics of my recent gets tonight when I get home from the gym.


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