Monday, October 4, 2010

A New Blog Name and Random Thoughts

I finally came up with a new name for this blog. It's one I had originally thought of for it, but went with the previous one instead. Makes sense though. I collect cards and live in New York City. Why not just go with it. I admit, it doesn't have the comedic zing that Mike's Box of Junk has, but I think it fits pretty good.

Well, now that the Yankees made the playoffs, my only question is, how often will we see this sight? I'm not feeling too confident in this team right now. Seems that they have made too many mental errors on the field, the timely hitting hasn't been there and the pitching after CC and Hughes in the rotation has not left me with much confidence.

So, what am I hoping for during this first round?

1-This team is going to need the Alex Rodriguez from last years post season. It seems that since Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Melky Cabrerra left this team, we haven't had that come from behind magic like last season. Granted, Marcus Thames and Nick Swisher has come through with some big hits when we have needed them, but I just don't feel confident that if the Yanks are down by 2 in the late innings that they will pull it out, like last year. A-Rod showed last season that he's capable of carrying this club when it mattered and he going to some how need to find that player and just demolish the Twins pitching.

2-We need Mr.November. Derek Jeter has never had as bad a season as he had this one. Batting just .270 durimg the regular season, he's going to have to step it up a notch and show that it's just an abberation and not a sign of serious decline. He's in his walk year and if he is going to be able to get the contract he wants as he matches toward 3,000 hits, he has to show he's still the man when the spotlight is at it's brightest.

3-AJ Burnett shouldn't be making a start until the ALCS. Seriously, does anyone have confidence in him right now? I sure as heck don't. He gave up we over a hit per inning, seems like his head is not in the game once he's hit and gets frustrated way too easily. Unless Pettitte's back is not good enough to go, Burnett needs to be in the pen. I have even less faith in Javier Vasquez, so he needs to be left the post season roster all together.

4-Joe Griardi needs to show some guts. I don't care what anyone says. He did not want to play Texas in the first round and managed for the wild card. How else do you explain Dustin Mosley pitching in yesterdays season finale with the AL East title on the line. If he really wanted that title, Phil Hughes would have been on the hill instead.

That said, I still think the Yankees will beat Minnesota. Won't be the dominating sweep like last years ALDS, but they will move on to the ALCS. My prediction, Yankees in 5 games.

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