Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Break Part 2-Inserts and The "Hit"

Yesterday, I showed off the base cards I pulled from a group case break of 2011 Topps Heritage. Today, I will show off the inserts and the one "hit" I got from the break Lets start with the New Age Cards Performers- CC SabathiaRobinson CanoAlex RodriguezThen and Now-Juan Marichal and CC Sabathia Sporting News All Star Robinson Cano. Don't ask me why, but I love these Sporting News All Star InsertsAmerican League Wins Leader Card. Love the creepy heads only card.Another of my favorite inserts are the Flashbacks. Here's The Real Single Season Home Run King, Roger Maris (I know I'm gonna get some flack over that remark)

The Chairman of The Board, Whitey Ford

My favorite all time Yankee (even though I never seen him play), Mickey Mantle

Here are the In Action cards

Derek Jeter

Mark Teixeira CC SabathiaThe Duo cards

Jeter and Cano

Teixeira and Arod

Next up are the Chrome cards. Here's one of one of my favorite current Yankees, Nick Swisher. I just love this guy's additude. He always seems to have a smile on his face. I really hope he has a good season and the Yankees resign him next year. This was one of Cashman's better trades.

Phil HughesCC SabathiaCC Sabathia Green chrome

Next up, is this insert set about the life and career of Babe Ruth. I like these cards. I especially like the first one here as it's almost exactly the same card Topps put out in the original set.

And here's the hit of the break, if you want to call it that. A Mickey Mantle card with an original 1962 coin enbedded into the card

It's cool. Would have rather had a cut signature or even a game used jersey card of his from that year. My friend who did the break told me that he saw one of these on ebay go for over 100.00. Pretty cool, if true. It's a unique add to my Yankees PC and I am lacking in Mantle stuff, so this will be a permanent add to the collection.

Overall, it was a fun break. I think I'm pretty close to having all the Yankee stuff that came out of this set. I'll go for any game used or autos via the ebay route. I would like to see a check list to see what I am missing though. I'll google for one later tonight.

Last night's Yankees game was rained out. No make up date has been set as of yet. The O's come back to the bronx a few more times during the season, so we could see a day/night doubleheader at some point. The pitchers from last night, AJ Burnett and Chris Tillman, will be starting tonight, 7pm game time. Let's Go Yankees!


  1. Cool Mickey/coin card. You're right though, a sig or relic would've been more exciting.

    As a collector of quarters, I think this is a great idea though. Is the quarter new mint?

  2. Hmm, hadn't seen the Mantle coin card. Interesting.

  3. It says it's an original from 1962. Not sure if it is though. Looks a bit too shiny too me.