Friday, November 26, 2010

11/26/2010-Anthony Mason In Store Apperance

Today former Knick Anthony Mason made a rare apperance at Last Licks in NYC. All autographs at this apperance was FREE! Since I need a Mason auto in the Knicks PC (and one of my mottos is if it's free, give me three) I ventured to Manhattan for the apperance.

When I got to the store, there was a small line formed and the session had already started. I wandered around, looking for something for him to sign. Originally, I want to get a mini basketball, but could not find any in NYC (Big Shock there) and I didn't know about the regular size balls, I settled for an 8x10. If anyone knows where I can get mini basketballs, please let me know. And not the generic kind either. I'd rather get the ones that look like the actual NBA ball and not the ones that have the Nike Swoosh.

When I got on line, there was only two people ahead of me, so I was able to get to Mase pretty quickly. He was very nice and asked if I wanted to make the signature out to anyone. I gave him my name and I now have a nice signed 8x10 of Anthony Mason in my Knicks PC, personalized. (Note: if you meet Anthony Mason at anytime and shake his hand. Be warned, he has a grip on him)

I was very happy to meet one of my favorite Knicks and it got me thinking, why do we not see any former or current Knicks doing any signings in NY? As a die hard Knicks fan, I would love a chance to meet the guys who donned the orange and blue and build my autographed Knicks collection in the process. I know Walt "Clyde" Frazier does apprances, but what about players like Willis Reed or Bill Bradley? What about Earl Monroe or Jerry Lucas? Or John Starks or Allan Houston? Im sure the Knicks fans would line up for a chance to meet these great players.

I'm not one to wait outside an arena or at a hotel for players and coaches to sign. My only chance to meet some of my favorite Knicks would be at an apperance. Gallinari is doing a signing in a week or two, then that's all. I hope the former Knicks will be doing more apperances. It was pretty cool to meet Mason and I hope I have the opportunity to meet more players in the near future.


  1. Very nice! Mase was the man in his day.

    My sister, who works in Manhattan, met Walt Frasier when she was meeting clients at MSG.

    Patrick Ewing was one of my favorite players, I'd love his auto.

  2. I'd love to meet Fraizer as well. I've missed out on a few of his apperances. I hope to catch him the next time.

    Ewing was my favorite Knick. I don't have his auto either. I check ebay for his cert autos on cards and they are pretty expensive.