Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2003 All Star Bobblehead

Yesterday, the mailman bought me my newest pick up. This is a 2003 All Star Game bobblehead, painted in Yankee colors and theme. The base of the bobble has the years the Yankees has been in existance. 2003 was the Yankees 100th anniversary and this bobble proudly displays that.

As you can see, the 100th anniversery patch the Yankees wore that year is painted on the back of the bobblehead. The years the Yankees had won the World Series is painted on the blue part of the leg as well.

All in all, it's a very nice bobblehead. I have seen these go for upwards of 75.00 on ebay. Thankfully, I paid nowhere near that. This bobble is one of the more simplier of the set that came out, where as the paint and logos are kept to a minimum. I have seen ones from other teams were the colors and logos are all over the place. But I like the simplicity of this one and I'm glad I'm able to add it to the collection.

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