Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IP: Carmello Anthony

I was at NY Comic Con last Friday (I promise you, there will be a blog post about that in the upcomimg days) and I get a text from my buddy that Carmello Anthony would be doing a free signing at a Modells Sporting Goods store in Manhattan that day. At first, I wasn't going to leave my first NYCC, but the more I thought about it, I knew 'Mello was a hard autograph and the chances of him doing a free signing anytime soon was not good, so I left the convention after lunch and headed over.

I got to Modell's an hour early. I spoke to some of the employees about the rules. Anthony was signing one item with the purchase of a "shooting" gel he was promoting. The gel was 10.00. I'll never use it, but hey, if it got me a free autograph, I was buying one. I also bought a basketball for him to sign, got my ticket and waited on the line outside. The line was pretty short, which amazed me. I thought for sure there would be a lot more people. Oh well, makes it eaiser for me since he was only signing for an hour anyway.

During my wait, a Modells manager came up to me and told me Carmello was only signing pictures that was provided by the company. It made me a little angry because I did speak with a few employees. Why wouldn't they tell me this before I spent 25.00 on a ball? No matter, I would return it after I got my picture.

Carmello arrived early and started signing right away, so I got to meet him really quick. When I got there, I shook his hand and he reached for the ball and signed it. I was surprised, but elated that there were no problems for Carmello's "people" about him signing the ball.

Here is my very first signed basketball:

I heard that Charles Oakley and Allan Houston will be doing a signing this weekend as well. I hope to make that and get a couple of mini basketballs signed.


  1. Looks amazing!

    Let me know where the Oakley and Houston signings are, maybe I'll have my sister go for me. I think she has a Houston bobblehead.

  2. I believe they will be at a Men's Wherehouse on 3rd Ave. I'll teet you the info as soon as I find out.