Thursday, January 19, 2012

Retro Action Batman

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on this figure. After seeing him in various stores and scoffing at the 20.00 + price tag, I grabbed him for the Batman collection and I'm glad I did.

I havent taken him out of the package yet. I'm loving the Mego-like bubble on card package this came in.

Once he does come out, he's going to look great next to my original Mego Batman. Too bad they halted production on these figures. I would have loved a Robin, Joker, Riddler and Catwoman to go along with this one.

Gotta go back and get Superman next.


  1. I love these Mego like action figures. I am so dissappointed the line was discontinued. Just like the Mego figures, I wonder what was yet to come if the line had lived on. I am hoping for some Matty Collector exclusives to be released once in awhile.

  2. That would pretty sweet if Matty Collector did. Maybe get a couple other Batman figures in the outfits he's worn or a rouges gallery of Bat villians would be great as well.

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  4. Am still bummed that i never found this one. I would of loved to have added him to my collection.

  5. Congratulations- I love my Retro_action dollies! :D