Friday, November 11, 2011

Wish List Part 3-Star Wars

Like most of you out there, I am a Star Wars nut. I love the movies and will love nothing more than to throw on the movies over a tub of popcorn and just morph into geek mode. I'm old enough to have seen the original trilogy in the theathers on their first runs. My first memory of Star Wars was walking into the Lowes Paradise on the Grand Concourse in the middle of the movie (you were allowed to walk to see the movie whenever you got there). I remember just standing in the aisle, looking at the huge screen and seeing the Millenium Falcon being dragged into the Death Star. My poor mom, I made her sit through 3 viewing of the movie. My younger sister? She fell asleep before the end of the first showing?? I mean, how the hell do you fall asleep during a piece of cinematic genuis like Star Wars. I still bug her to this day over it. Star Wars was da bomb, Christmas Special aside.

Like most kids, I went all ga ga over the toys Kenner put out. I wanted to have everything. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, it was not to be. I had some things, but not everything like my bratty cousin did. I wish I still had my Star Wars stuff, but alas, my sis made sure of that. I used to play Barbie skydive, which pretty much was me throwing her Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake and Raggedy Ann stuff out of our 6th floor window. Once she got wind of it, I never saw my beloved figures ever again.

Now, my Star Wars collection is currently non exsistant, save for a few things. I am starting to get back into collecting Star Wars only now. I always thought there was too much merchandise, why bother to collect. Then I figured that I would only collect the main characters from the original trilogy. No Episodes 1-3 for me, thank you very much. Give me Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, Vader, Fett and the 2 droids any day. So, once I started thinking, I narrowed my must have five items to these choice items:

1-Escape From Death Star Game

Had this game as a kid and loved it. The object of the game was to escape from the trash compactor and make it back to the rebel base first by picking up good force/bad force cards. This was a cool game to have and I would love to be able to get it again

2-Darth Vader Action Figure Carrying Case

I had this:

Then my mom smartened up and got me this:

Loved it. I kept all my figures inside this huge chunk of plastic with Darth Vader staring right back at me. Now, as a Jets fan, I see him and I see an obnoxious Oakland Raiders fan staring back at me, but I can deal with having this back in my collection. I would also love to add the C3pO Carrying Case from Return Of The Jedi as well

3-Kenner 12 inch figures

I had both the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader 12 inch figures. I was having them square off long before they actually did in Empire Strikes Back. Both came with lightsabers and Luke had the grappling hook as well. I would have still had these if it wasnt for a bully at school beating the crap out of me and taking them away. I wish I can say I got him back, but I never did.

I do have the Luke re-issue 12 inch and I love it. Would love to get these, but I think they're a pretty penny. I might look into the Collector's Editions. That Boba Fett is kick ass.


I currently have a Tie Fighter, thanks to my buddy, who gave it to me as a gift. The original box is falling apart, but all the pieces are intact. Once I get a place to display, I will be taking it out of the box. Would love to add the following

X-Wing Fighter At-At

This thing was ginormous! I remember my cousin having this and never letting near it.


And the ship that needs to me in every Star Wars collection, the Millenum Falcon

These toys were awesome. Big, but awesome.

5-Death Star Playset

Remember yesterday when I said that I had one other holy grail? Well, this is it. This piece of awesomeness is the Death Star Playset. 4 levels of plastic/cardboard goodness. A working trash compactor, a working elevator, a missle launcher at the top and a retractable bridge to enact that famous scene when Luke and Leia swing accross the bridge. (We won't talk about the kiss either). As a kid, this was the thing I wanted most in the world, but never got. I think I would put this as my number one holy grail item. I mean, this thing is freaken sweet!

Before I wrap up, I want to take this opportunity to wish the Vets out there a Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you for protecting us and helping keeping it free so us geeks can create blogs to write about toys we have/had/wish we had. May the force be with you all.


  1. Great choices. I have the majority of these in my collection. The Death Star Playset is the Star Wars equivilant of the Batman's Wayne Foundation Playset too me.

  2. Wow...
    I remember playing that Star Wars game growing up! I haven't thought about that in years...and now I am remembering watching my grandmother sell it in a garage sale for $1.
    *shakes head*
    Thats where quite a few memories end with toys from back then end for me. :(