Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Accidental Autograph

Sometimes something pretty cool happens when you least expect it. Like today, for example. I left work trying to decide if I was hitting the gym or going straight home. I had an accident yesterday where I almost fell down the stairs in my apartment building. The super was moping the stairs and didnt stop to let me pass. I waited till he went to rinse out his mop and proceeded down the stairs. All of a sudden, he came back and started mopin again while I was going down the stairs. The mop went between my legs, tripping me up. I grabbed the rail and kinda did a Matrix thing where I fell back while my knees went forward, but never fell down. The super said sorry the way you would say whatever and went back to work. Rather than cause an incident, I went to work. Once there, I felt tightness in my lower back and knee, so I didnt get to go to the gym yesterday. Today, I felt a bit better and was on my way there when the knee started tightening, so I started to walk to the train.
On the way, I passed the new NFL Pop Up Store It's only open until the end of April. I hadn't been there as of yet, so I decided to take a look in the window. When I did, I saw New York Jets Defensive Tackle Sione Pouha inside the store at a podium signing for customers. I went around the corner and saw a small line to get into the store and a guy handing out photos. I grabbed a couple and got on line. Once inside, I grabbed a Jets mini helmet, like the kind Pouha uses. A few minutes later, I was meeting Sione Pouha. He was a great guy, spoke to me a few as he signed the 2 pics and mini helmet and I was on my way.
I didn't even know there was a free signing and had I gone to the gym, I never would have known until later. It's one of the few times I'm actually glad I skipped the gym. It's been while since I went to a free signing and now I have another autographed helmet to add to my Jets collection. I do have an extra phot that is up for trade if anyone wants to trade.
Also, if you want to find out who else will be showing up, follow the store on twitter @officialnflshop. From what I understand, the store will have a Jet or Giant signing every Tuesday and Friday. I think the next three signings are Giants players. Take advantage now, store will close on April 30th.


  1. Mike,
    Sorry to hear about your spill, glad you appear to be uninjured (or at least not requiring emergency surgery for life-threatening injury). That is a very cool signing story/event. Very cool of him to sign everything you handed him. Sometimes at signings they limit you to just one item to be signed. Depends on the signing event, number of fans, time, attitude of event staff yadda yadda and yabba yabba.

  2. Thanks Kirk. I still feel sore even today, so I'll just take the rest of the week off from the gym and let myself heal.

    I was kinda surprised I got everything signed as well. But Pouha was so nice and I dont think he minded signing multiples one bit. He even thanked me for coming out to see him. Class act.

  3. Congratulations on being at the right place at the right time. That's pretty cool that there are shops (and players) that still offer free autographs. Hopefully your back feels better too.

    1. Thanks Fuji. It's feeling better. I hope there will be at least one more Jet apperance there before they close the store.