Friday, April 13, 2012

Recent Autograph Adds

I love this blog. I love writing it. But due to work, gym and other commitments, I barely have time to write as much as I'd like to. As you can imagine, there blogs I'd love to post and after a while, it gets backed up. I recently realized I haven't posted any of my autograph successes in a long time.
So, for your veiwing pleasure, I will post my most recent scores.
This was one autograph I wanted for a long time and was finally able to add it to my collection. I remember Mark Jackson as a point guard with St. Johns and then with the Knicks. He never had a certified auto released save for a college card. My rule is, the player has to be pictured in the uniform of the team I collect. So, I passed up the college cards. When Jackson was hired to be the coach of the Golden State Warriors, I decided to take a shot. After about 2 months, I got my card back, signed. Thrilled to finally have a Jackson auto in my Knicks collection.
Blackhawk great Bobby Hull signed this custom for me in about a month c/o The Blackhawks
Sent former Jet, Mike D'Amato a custom and he sent me back this 8x10, signed and personalized to me. Very cool success.
Another former Jet, Ralph Baker, signed this custom for me in under a weeks time.
The next couple were in person sucesses.
About a week ago, I attended the New Jersey Devils annual blood drive. Each year, I give blood to The Devils blood drives. This year, I decided to bring my 2000 Championship puck just in case. Last year, 2 former Devils showed up and while I was glad to get the players to sign pictures they provided, I need one on puck. This year, I vowed not to be left out, in case the player I thought would show up, did.
I was able to get former Devil Ken Danyeko to sign the puck for me in blue sharpie. I think it came out well. It's my second Danyeko puck. The first I got at a charity event and it was a rush job. This time, he took his time signing it.
Last, but certainly not least For my Spider-Man collection
Andrew Garfield, who will be playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, is on Broadway performing in Death Of A Salesman. I was able to get him on this 8x10 after a performance. His shoe lace was untied and I told him so and added I was sure his Spider-Sense didn't pick it up, which got a laugh from him and the people in my vicinity. Nice kid. Hope he does well.
I'm planning to send out a lot of autograph requests in the upcoming days, so I will hopefully have more stuff to show as they come in. Hopefully, you will have as much fun checking them out as I do writing and posting them. I have a few projects in mind and will tell you what they are as the autos come back.
See you soon.

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