Friday, December 21, 2012

League Of Extraordinary Bloggers-Wish List

So, this week, the League wants us to put together a wish list for Santa. Maybe, Santa will see this list and one or more of the items will make it's way under my geeky christmas tree. Would be pretty sweet for Santa to visit the House Of Swag and bring by some geeky goodness for ole Sexy Geek himself. After all, I have been a good Sexy Geek.

One of the things I have decided for 2013 is I wanted to collect more vintage items and less modern stuff, no matter how cool it is. I have been able to add some vintage pieces to my collection, but there are some more goodies I need. With this list, I also kept with what I collect. So Santa, I hope you have a pen and paper. Here is the list

1-1966 Batman Lunch Box

I am a huge lunch box fan. As a kid, I would look at other kids lunch boxes and always wish I wasn't brown bagging it to school. Here is a lunch box I would love to add to my Batman collection. Very cool graphics. I would love to put this on my Batman shelf when I put one up.

2-Mego Spidercar

This car really makes no sense. Even as a kid, I knew. Aside from that dune buggy he had for a bit in the 70's, Spidey's only mode of transportation was his webline and his ability climb walls. So, I gotta ask, What was Mego thinking with this toy. And an even bigger and more important question is where can I get one?

3-Monkees Hand Puppet

I am a huge fan of the Monkees. I was at their most recent show at NYC's Beacon Theater and loved it so I am kinda on a Monkees kick right now. I've been watching my Season 1 DVD set and listening to thier music. The one thing I haven't done is add to my very small Monkees collection. I would love this puppet. Mattell put this out in 1967 or 68, I think. It has a pull string where it would "talk" if the string was pulled. These days, most of the sound boxes are dead, but this puppet would look great displayed in a Monkees collection.

4-Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

This past year I have been adding to a Luke Skywalker collection that pretty much started this year. With so many thinks associated with Luke, I decieded on the one piece Luke does need. I have been wanting an X-Wing ever since I saw the commercial as a kid. Now, I am going to have to request that Skywalker flys and lands his ship on my Skyewalker collection

5-The Beatles Flip Your Wing Game

There are a lot of Beatles merchandise I would love to be able to pick up. From mini cake toppers to Soaky Bottles, All of which I would kill to have. But the Beatles Flip You Wig game is probably one of the most recognizable. I have looked for one, but a competed game is usually in upwards of 500.00. I will continue to bide my time until I can find on affordable.

6- Mego Kiss Figures

Now, I have to admit that I love KISS. I love the theatrics, the make up, the music. I go back to 1976 when I first discovered the band. My buddie had this seies and as we grew up, I have been liking these figures more and more. Another high end collectable, completed sets are virtually impossinble to find. But I will not give up the serch.

7-Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman.

Ok, I know I said vintage toys and this is also a high end figure, going upwards of 250.00. But I want it, I want it, I want it.

So, Santa. Please note that most of the items I mentioned are pretty much out of your leauge and expensive. Also please note that I do not care and will think nothing of throwing myself to the ground, crying and making a specticle in public no less until I have all these items.

Also remember that this is not a full list. Please drop by for your playbook on what I want for christmas and don't fail me. I am holding Blitzzen hostage.


  1. HAHA...Yeah I want vintage Star Wars goodness too.

  2. That Hot Toys Batman is awesome!

  3. Santa... I want a Luke Skywalker X-Wing Fighter too!

  4. Wow two of us with the hot toys batman! I hope Santa comes though! Nice list btw!