Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Comics Pick Ups

New Comic Book Day arrived and I went to Midtown Comics to pick up some new reading material. There wasn't anything I really wanted to pick up with the expection of these three books. I grabbed the books without looking around so I wouldn't be tempted by anything else and got out of dodge with my new weekend reading.

I picked up The Amazing Spider-Man #699. The series is ending at issue 700 and I am not liking it one bit. I don't see the need to make any changes to Spider-Man, yet Marvel wants to make drastic changes to the character when Superior Spider-Man comes out in January. Rumor has it that it won't even be Peter Parker under the mask. I wasn't too crazy about what happened last issue. It was pretty lame and if that's the way the series is going to go out, it will be met with a collective yawn.

I also grabbed Avenging Spider-Man #15. To be honest. I have been picking these up and have not read any of the issues. I pick them up because Spider-Man is my favorite hero aside from Batman and I know I will be reading them soon. I probably will do so this weekend. I wonder if this title will be cancelled after Amazing Spider-Man #700.

I also left with Avengers #1. I am currently reading Uncanny Avengers and am really not that impressed with it and will probably be dropping that title soon. I'm hoping this Avengers book will be better. Upon first glance, it looks like they are going with the movie line-up of Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Black Widow, but I could be wrong as I haven't read the book yet Only glanced through it. I'm guessing they are going with the line-up the general public knows to sell this title. Hope it's good.

Hopefully you all got out and picked up some new books today or are planning on it for the weekend. Excelsior!


  1. Haven't read a modern comic in years. I quit after 1998.

  2. @jamie-I have no idea how Spidey gets involvedwith T-Rex's. Ill find out this weekend when I catch up

    @Hobgoblin-some of these books make me want to quit. But there are still some good stories to be told.

  3. I've loved Spidey since I was a kid, but I gave up on the current run a couple of years ago (around the time they started to do an issue every week). They'd gotten so ridiculous (and boring) with the characters and plot lines that I just couldn't take it any more. They should've stuck with Ben Reilly.

    I also gave up on the Avengers with the end of the prior volume; it got to be solely about beating the snot out of other heroes for whatever ludicrous crossover reason they were working with at the time.

    I started reading Daredevil recently; I've never been a DD fan, but the writing on this is very good... I truly enjoyed the latest issue as opposed to occupying 5 minutes and wondering if I'd spent my money wisely; I can't remember the last time that happened with a Marvel title.