Friday, January 11, 2013

Now that we are in 2013, I had made a few New Years resolutions to myself. On of which is to buy less comics. Reason being is that this sexy geek isn’t in the upper tax bracket. I have to eliminate a few things to have more wompa in my pocket and it looks like buying comics will be eliminated…but not totally. See, I have decided instead of blowing 30.00 plus on comics each month, I will pick up more graphic novels.

Plus, since I will be buying fewer titles, I can catch up on stories I have already missed. Sure, I will still buy Batman and I have already ignored my hesitations and started reading the Justice League. I will also still read any comic based on the original Star Wars characters. But, for now, that will be it. I already have a reading list of what I want to read this year. Here are my five books that I need to pick up, in no particular order.

I read the first issue in DC’s reboot of this title, but I never picked up any of the other issues. Since I recently picked up issue #15 and liked it, I would like to go back and catch up on the events in this book. Plus, anything that is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee will have me reading it.


This book grabbed my undivided attention when I first saw it on a shelf at Barnes N Noble. Again, a story written by Geoff Johns is nothing to ignore, but holy hell. I love that Superman is drawn in this story to look like Christopher Reeves. That alone is enough to get me to pick up this book.


For years, I have been dying to read a real good Hulk book. To me, much like Superman, The Hulk has been a boring character in comics. With Mark Ruffalo’s portrayl in The Avengers this past summer, I rediscovered a fondness for ole green skin. Then, I discovered that during Free Comic Book Day I had grabbed issue number 1 of this arch. I read it and loved it. Now, I want to read the rest.


I guess you can’t read World War Hulk without reading Planet Hulk. When I pick up WWH, I will pick up Planet Hulk and read that first.


Another story I had started to read, yet never finished for one reason or another. Since I am not liking what is happening currently in Superior Spider-Man, I will go back and re-read this story and catch
up on what I hear to be a reall good Spidey arch.

Of course, there are other books I want to read aside these. Avenging Spider-Man: My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends comes to mind and when Batman: Court Of Owls II is released in March, I will pick that up as well. Now that I think about it, maybe this should have been a top ten list as a few other graphic Novels come to mind.

Anyone care to hook me up with a Barnes N Noble card?


  1. I quit buying monthlies in 1998. I MUCH prefer graphic novels and TPBS!

  2. Yeah, I think I'm going to start going the graphic novel route. Maybe one book a month.

  3. Good idea Mike. I need to make more time and read a couple of new titles myself.